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High Elves vs Dwarfs 2k - Diagrams

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High Elves:
Lvl 4, Silver Wand, 3x Scrolls, Ring of Fury
Lvl 2, Ring of Corin, Jewel of Dusk
Commander, Steed, Barding, Heavy Armor, Shield, Lance, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Pheonix
Commander, Great Eagle, Heavy Armor, Shield, Lance, Reaver Bow
10 Archers
18 Spears wSB, Musicien
5 Silver Helms
5 Dragon Princes, Standard Bearer, Banner of Sorcery
2 Chariots
5 Shadow Warriors
1 Eagle
2 Bolt Throwers

Dwarf Lord, lots of killy stuff
BSB, lots of runes that i destoryed early
Runesmith, Scroll, Spell Destroyer
20 Longbeards, lord, bsb
13 Ironbreakers, Thane, Runesmith
10 Thunderers
24 Warriors
10 Pirates, Long Drong
Organ Gun
Out of all the armies, dwarfs have to be the army i hate playing most. one of the two games ive lost since november is against dwarfs. and i play an average of a game a week. Ive played this dwarf player before, got a solid victory, but he fielded a different kind of amry this time. Maybe its because i usually play on a 4x4

Terrain + Deployment, he won first turn.

Dwarfs Turn 1:
He moved everything up, his gyro came and did some damage to my spears, too out one or two,but caused a wound on my archmage which would cost me dearly later on. The dwarf force split down the centre.

High Elves Turn1:
I shot alittle, the shadow warriors came out to screen from the organ gun for one turn, i killed two crew on the organ gun, and knocked the gyro fromthe sky.

Dwarfs Turn 2:
He advances some more, the organ gun wipes out the shadow warriors. I should have used them better, its my first game with them, so im working on it. I used em better in game two. But it least the organ gun didnt put a hole in my spears. Everytihng moved up.

High Elves Turn 2: Knowing the organ gun couldnt shoot next turn i moved my left flank up, and the chariots to support them, and started doing 2.5 inch backwards shuffles with the spears. The biggest mistake i made in the game was splitting my forces and leaving my dp on the right side. I should of thrown everytihng on one side and just delayed the other. Reaver bow finished off the organ gun. Magic didnt do much all game, but i got some rerolls occasionally. I took high magic on my lvl4, and second sign on my lvl2. Big mistake on the lores again, because the spell destroy ate flames of the pheonix, and i was left casting garbage spells all game. I knocked out 4 ironbreakers as well. My helms shot up the flank.

Dwarfs Turn3:
The ironbreakers moved towards the helms, and longbeards kept going to protect their flank. Everything on the right side keeps coming.

High Elves Turn 3: I threw the game away by charging the dragon princes into the warriors, i should have waited at least one more turn. The eagle jumped over behind the line. The helms moved up a little and turned around to face the breakers. the spears moved back a little as well. In magic and shooting I brought the slayers down to 5. I should have spent the magic and shooting agianst the ironbreakrs which i would charge next turn. In combat my dragon princes killed 2, my commanders lance was stopped by 2 6s for armor saves. Ilost combat, held, but knew they werent going to stick around for long. Still kicking myself over that stupid charge.

Dwarfs Turn4: Nothing much, longbeards moved a little left, thunderers moved up a little. Slayers turned around. The DP held.

High Elves Turn 4: The chariots, silverhelms and commander on eagle slammed into the ironbreakers. I kill 6 on the charge, but he puts two wounds on a chariot. and to my dismay he passes his ld check. screwed. oh. and the dp break...and run 17 inchs, one inch off the board.

Dwarfs Turn 5: At this point i was aiming for a draw. The generals unit flanked my chariot, killed one, the ironbreakers killed the other one, silverhelms broke but were not caught, and the commander on eagle fled as well.The thunderers took out a crewman from the RBT.

High elves Turn 5: The eagle and helms rally, magic destroys the slayers completely, shooting brings the ironbreakers down to the standard, thane and runesmith. Spears face the warriors, i use my eagle to setup a flank on the warriors.

Dwarfs Turn 6: The longbeards finish off the silverhelms, well actually the lord did. The miners kill a bolt thrower. The warriors take the bait and charge the eagle, which i chose to flee, figuring i could rally the eagle on my last turn. The runesmith, thane and ironbreaker run into the forest, and split up.

High Elves turn 6: A number of things in the last turn should have brought it to a draw, but didnt. I killed 5 thunderers, need one more for half strength. I get forked lightning off on 1 ironbreaker, i roll a 6 for hits, but they all fail to wound. (a lot of points there). My archmage miscasts, takes a wound!, so goes below half strength, so another 150 points there. My eagle failed to rally on ld9, thats another 50 points. The only comfort i add was that the spears broke and destroyed the weak warriors, who only had 1 rank bonus anyways. I think it could easily have been a minor victory in my favour, had all of things in the last turn not happened. As it worked out, he won by around 300 points, so a minor loss for me.

Comments at end of the game: Well, dwarfs are difficult at best for high elves to beat. I through half my army against those ironbreakers and they didnt go anywhere. Horrible. not to mention magic resistance all over the place. In hindsight, chargin gthe dp into the ironbreakers was just plain stupid, but i was tempted to see what they could do. eh.... record with the new list: 0/1/0 Either way, games you loose are the games you learn from most, and i learned not to split forces, especially not with this army.
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Hey man that sucks. You didn't play horribly, your list was good (dont take archmages against dwarves), but luck must not have been with you. Good battle report though, I liked the pics. Good luck next time
i dont like customizing my list against any opponent. its an allcomers list. but actually it is the weakest against dwarfs.
I also do not like changing my lists, I aim for a well balanced list. I play Lizardmen as well as Dark Elves, so I know how hard it is to beat Dwarfs (why are they not called Dwarves?) with Elves. Very good battle report, and I liked the Diagrams a lot. They allow you to visualise the battle, which is really great (so thanks for taking the effort to make them :yes: ). Unlucky on the last turn though, could have gone either way. Shame about the Ironbreaker not...well...breaking (or ironbreaking! :w00t: ). I always find dwarfs difficult to beat in combat because of their high ld (although my only game against dwarfs was against my friends dwarf army, and I got a huge helping of luck! On my first turn, my 2 RBTs managed to deal quite a few casualties against his Ironbreaker unit with his (expensive) Thane, and they failed their Ld test (and because their were deployed at a far end of the board pretty much at the edge)...they fled from the battlefield...hehehe :shifty: ). Yeah well, good report, you DID play well!
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Great report and the diagrams are terrific. Thanks for posting.

I played another dwarf army a couple of days ago and smoked it. got a solid victory.

On the other hand, i lost to woodies, even though i did not make any mistakes whatsoever. And i didnt lose by a small margin, i lost badly. So its caused me to reconsider, and as soon as my silverhelms and chariots get painted up, my elf infantry will be relegated to the storage cabinet. Theres only so much you can take.
Hey Anathir we need more of those diagrams battle report, they are awsome :w00t:
Sorry to ear you lost to those pesky wood elves.

Master_Bungle said:
........ (why are they not called Dwarves?) ......

Tolkein was the first to use the "v" when pluralizing the word dwarf. It may be a copyright issue. I always call them dwarves anyway. It just sounds better.


And excellent report, what do you use to create your diagrams?
I use Flash MX.

I played two more games since then. I had another go with the mixed high elves. Its got even more troops then this one. I got massacred by dwarfs again. He kept rolling 10s on the artillery die and direct hits on the scatter. But, i smoked some ogres. I think that if i use the army a little more I can use it better.

Lvl 4, Blessed Tome, Jewel of Dusk, 3 Scrolls
commander, heavy armor, enchanted shield, lance, steed, barding, helm of fortune
20 spears, sb, musicien, banner of ellyrion
20 spears, sb, musicien
5 SH
5 SH
10 Archers
5 DP, sb, banner of sorcery
2 Chariots
2 Eagles

The next good game ill play ill write a battle report...and try to make the diagrams a little more to scale.
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Great report, shame you lost to those dwarves tho. Your pics are great. Cant wait for the next!
Another fantastic report, Anathir.

Waiting for the next - and ashame so many dwarves died - :(
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