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Eldar-1000-Hit The Rook

After constant tweaking, playtesting, and rummaging through my codex this list has prooved quite strong for my playstyle. I'm feeling that this list is getting to the tournament level. I call this the "Hit the Rook" list as a refrence to the game of chess. My army relies on heavy teamwork while making the right moves at the right times. Enjoy!


Forutne, Singing Spear


6 Harlequins-162
6 Kisses, Shadowseer

5 Wraithguard-215
Warlock, Spiritseer, Conceal

-Wave Serpent-130
Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones, Shurkien Cannon


3 Jetbikes-107
Warlock, Embolden, Singing Spear, Shurkien Cannon

10 Dire Avengers-137
Exarch, Dual Shurkien Catapult

Heavy Support

Fire Prism Tank-160
Holo Fields, Spirit Stones


Some notes on the army:
I use the wraith-wall as a base for my attacks and formation. The farseer is in the wave serpent with the wraithguard reciving fortune making for a very durable unit. These guys will knock out armor or TEQs. They often hit a transport entangling the passengers for the harleys to assult fo ra nice 1-2 punch.

The jetbike squad is simply a tankhunter squad. The singing spear is any armor's worst nightmare. I took embolden more as a "just in case" power. It would be horrible to fail your leadership test to knock out the tank to find yourself having to shoot some TEQs with jetbiek weapons. I also had some points left over in the army, and this seemed the most useful upgrade.

The fire prism and Dire Avengers play a support role to the 3 attackers (wraithguard, harleys, ane jetbikes). They can weaken squads for the harley assualt, finish off the passengers from the transport that the wraith guard just took out, or hold victory locations.

Any advice that you may have is greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help you have to offer.

Questions? Comments? Rants? Bring 'em on!
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