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Hmm tough decision...

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I am going to trade/sell of my genestealers+broodlord (I cannot get owith them... i just do not like usig them) And was wondering what to ask for/buy for them. I was originally going to start a small Witch Hunters Army but then got to thinking 'Hmm why dont i ask for that winged Tyrant i have always wanted' Then in more depth came the questions of Gargoyles/more gaunts (Which i think i definately need soonish) and the random things like more raveners/lictors(With death leaper)/tyrant guards. What is your reccomendations as to what to get.
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Always ask for what you need, stuff like gaunts and warriors never go amiss.
I currently have 48 gaunts (24 termagants and 24 hormagaunts) and was thinking of going largers toi fill in that gap of losing the broodlord.
also at the end of the month i will be able to buy either another pack of gaunts or some gargoyles...
Ask for the gargoyles then as you probably get more gaunt for your cash then gargoyle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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