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So here is a Rematch battle report to this game using my homebrew Chaos marine dex. We have now dubbed these battles Holiday Wars, there will be another three at Christmas time too.

Greg brought the same list as before which can be found here. I changed mine up adding more AT firepower and dropping the Defilers.

HQ 165
Titus the Butcher

Elite 185
4 Terminators, 3 Combi-Melta, 1 Chainfist, 1 Reaper Autocannon and Icon of Chaos Glory

Troops 1131
10 Chaos Space Marines with 2 melta guns, Icon of Chaos Glory
Aspiring Champion with power fist
Rhino, extra armor

10 Chaos Space Marines with 2 melta guns, Icon of Chaos Glory
Aspiring Champion with power fist
Rhino, extra armor

10 Chaos Space Marines with 2 Plasma guns and Icon of Chaos Glory
Aspiring Champion with power weapon, combi-plasma
Rhino, extra armor

8 Reaver Siege Marines
Heavy Flamer, Icon of Chaos Glory
Aspiring Champion with power fist
Reaver pattern Rhino, extra armor

Heavy Support 515
8 Havocs
2 Lascannons, 2 Autocannons, Aspiring Champion and Icon of Chaos Glory

LC sponsons

2 Obliterators

The game was a pitched battle, Seize and Control mission with five objectives.

The Orange trees are the five objectives.

Unit legend:
Red Chaos
CM= Chaos Marines
RSM=Reaver siege marines
SR=Reaver siege Rhino

Blue IG
CC=Command Chimera
Vet=Veteran squad
IS=Infantry squad
LR=Leman Russ
CCS=Company HQ
PCS=Platoon command squad

After seeing the table I decided that I need to go first. I was worried when I rolled a 2 for choosing, but Greg's die came up a 1, so I won the roll!

So here is the Deployment, I deployed everything in cover just in case he seized the initiative.

Greg held the Vendettas in Reserve this time hoping to use them late game if things went badly. Everything else in the army was deployed.

Greg attempts to steal the initiative but fails.

Soul Reapers turn 1

Movement Phase: I don't move much. Titus and the Reavers head for the middle objective. The Oblits move through the jungle on the hill

Shooting phase: the Oblits fire at the Demolisher sqdn, stun one and immobilize the other. Havocs fire at the Sentinels, destroy one and knock out the AC on the other. The Predator fires at the Russ Sqdn and knocks out the battlecannon on one.

Steel Legion turn 1

Shooting Phase: The Russ sqdn fires at the Oblits, the battlecannon goes wildly off corse the Hvy Bolters hit 12 times wound with 7 and in the end cause one wound. The Platoon command and the 2nd infantry sqd fires their AC's at the Oblits causing no damage. The Vet squads in the Chimeras C1 and C4 fire at the Havocs killing one. The other Vet squads fire at Titus hit and wound him 3 times, but he saves all 3. The Griffon batt fires at Titus and the Reavers one scatters wide and hits nothing the other hits on target causes a wound to Titus which is saved by FnP it also shakes the Reavers Rhino.

Soul Reapers turn 2

Shooting Phase: The Predator fires the Russ sqdn, destroying one and immobilising the one that lost the Battlecannon. The Oblits fore at the Demolishers again, they hit twice and penetrate on the mobile Demolisher and destroy the main cannon. The Havocs fire at the C4 Chimera and destroy it with an explosion, Killing 4 vets. The CSM squad 3 fire 2 shots from their Plasma guns and Shake Chimera C3.

Steel Legion turn 2

Movement Phase: He gets his first Vendetta on an outflank move. He moves the vet sqd in Chimera C3 to support the infantry squad. Vet sqd 1 deployes from their Chimera.

Shooting Phase: The vendetta Immobilises the Reavers Rhino. The Command Squad fires two Meltas at the Reavers Rhino, Blowing it up disgorging the Reavers inside! (note on the map I use the wrong unit marker for the Reavers) Then Vet sqd 1 lays into them with three meltas and flashlights Killing one. Vet sqd 4 fires 2 plasmas and flashlights at the Havocs, Killing two. The Immobilised Demolisher fires at the Oblits, Killing one. Vet sqd 2 fires two meltas and puts a wound on Titus. Infantry sqd 2 fires at CSM sqd 2 with no effect. The Griffons fire at the Havocs both shots miss, but unluckily scatters one onto Vet sqd 4 Killing 3, they fail moral and fallback.

Soul Reapers turn 3

Movement Phase: The Terminators arrive from Deepstrike. CSM 2 moves forward and dismounts.

Shooting Phase: The Terminators shoot the Demolishers in the rear, hitting and penning with 3 Melta and 2 Reaper Autocannon shots, Both are destroyed one explodes killing 2 guardsmen from infantry sqd 2. CSm sqd 2 fires on Infantry sqd killing 5. The Oblit fires at and destroyes C2 disgorging Vet sqd 2, the predator then fires into them and kills two. The Havocs fire on the command Chimera and destroy it with Lascannon fire. The Reavers shoot and Flame the vets killing 6, the Vets pass moral and hold.

Assault Phase: Titus charges Vet sqd 2 with a great difficult terrain roll! and the Reavers charge the remnants of Vet sqd 1. Titus kills four Vets and they fail moral and are run down. The Reavers cut down the last 4 Vets and consolidate back into the wood on the objective.

Steel Legion turn 3

Movement Phase: The second Vendetta came in on the opposite flank. the C1 ad C3 Chimeras move into flamer range. The sentinel keeps moving toward the Havocs.

Shooting Phase: the Platoon Command shoots at the Terminators for no effect. The Griffons shoot at the Havocs, hitting both templates, but the Havocs make all their saves. The Chimera C1 flames the Havocs, Killing two. Vet sqd 3, Chimera 3 ad the Infantry sqd 2 shoot and kill 4 marines from CSM sqd 2. The Vendetta kills the Chaos Pred. The Company HQ and Infantry sqd 1 fire on the Reavers killing 2.

Soul Reapers Turn 4

Movement Phase: The Terminators, CSM sqd 2, Reavers and Titus all move into assault range.

Shooting Phase: Havocs fire two Lascannons and an Autocannon at Chimera C1, it is destroyed by the fire. The Oblit fires at the Vendetta, Penetrates but only Stuns the crew. The Reavers Flame the Command HQ, killing two. The Terminators fire on the Platoon Command and kill 3.

Assault Phase: Titus assaults the 1st Infantry sqd, Killing two guardsmen, they pass moral and are locked in combat. The Reavers charge the Company HQ and wipe them out. The Terminators assault the Platoon command and wipe them out. CSM 2 assaults the remnants of infantry sqd 2 and wipe them out.

Steel Legion turn 4

Shooting Phase: The Griffons fire at the Havocs, Killing one. Vet sqd 3 fires two meltas and the chimera fires the Multi-laser at CSM sqd 2 killing three, they pass moral and hold dispite the losses.

Assault phase: Titus swings the Butchers Blade in a wide arc of failure and rolls a one to hit! The guardsmen attack back and actually cause a wound on Titus, Looks like my dice may be abandoning me.

Greg offers to concede at the bottom of turn 4 as there is now way he can win. I accept because it would have been fruitless to continue.

I got some extremely good dice rolls in the early game. If I hadn't added the extra lascannons the game would have been much harder fought. I was still very wary of wandering out in the open with all the demolisher and battle cannons opposite of me. Greg has some horrible luck with the scatters on his ordinance weapons.

We are going to have one last battle tomorrow before he heads back home. We've decided to re-fight the first game using these two armies, although I told him to feel free to change up his list if he wants to.

So keep you eyes peeled for Holiday Wars Episode III "The Revenge of the Imperium" in the next few days.

Maps courtesy of Battle Chronicler.
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