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Home-Grown Special Characters

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I was wondering if there were rules avaliable for creating Special Characters of your own so as not to make cheezy ungodly Characters that are just not fair. Any hekp with this would be very useful as I am designing a campaign and need guidlines for creating both sides heros. THank you!
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AFAIK, there isn't.
The best way to make a special character that I've found is to pick a model's stats (i.e. a Marine Chaplain, Tau Shas'el, etc.) for a base. After that, if you can't accessorize him normally then just give the character access to another army's wargear to equip him. For example, maybe the Chapter Master of the Forever Plaid Marines is a chaplain with an Eviscerator from the Daemonhunter's Codex; a superpowered Eldar character could use the stats/equipment of a Chaos Lieutenant. This helps keep the points balanced.

If you must do something original, try to limit the character to only 1 new rule, weapon or whatever. This keeps him simple yet unique. Adding both an advantage and disadvantage can balance the character without a points increase and makes him realistic.

The main pitfall is overcompensation for an army's weakness. Try to keep things in line with the army's concepts. For example, don't make a Tau character using a Grey Knight Hero's stats, instead maybe give him the "hit & run" special rule to simulate unnatural agility. Simiarly, a Necron wouldn't have psychic powers, etc.

Hope this helps!
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Are the heroes central to the campaign?

If not then simply take a present character and allow it between three or four advances this could be a maximum of two on one stat an additional piece of war gear or a special rule (like hit or run or fearless). Pts wise the choas codex can help you as to a rough estimation for how much stat increases cost (+1 attack =choas mutation etc). If they end up dominating the game or costing to little, up the points, or put a restriction on when they can be used.

For characters central to the campaign you should put a fair bit of thought into it, on the one hand WHY is this ork warboss a SPECIAL character or how did this captain earn the name blood fist etc and secondly ask your self why they aren't in the present GW background, most present GW special characters are absoloute legends, if your characters though can take down Abbadon as if he were a guardsman then something is probably wrong.

Overall avoid the temptation to load the character up with lots of special abilities (if nothing else the player will forget them) you would be surprised how much of a difference going from Toughness 4 to 5 will make for example (for one thing a lot of weapons are no longer able to instant kill him).
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