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The Future
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I got a bit bored of people tweaking their lists to opponents or having an all-comers list as there's no opportunity to tweak for the mission - so I decided to base a tournament around it. We've 10 players, so I split them up into two teams. As it happens it worked relatively well along morality lines so we have Team Evil (CSMx2, Daemons, Nidsx2) and Team Well-It-Depends-On-You-Point-Of-View (WH, IG, SM, Eldar + Ork). A dice off determined that Team Evil were on defence, so plotwise this is all an Eldar/=][= plot to stop Chaos from using daemonically possessed nids.

It's made up of 4 rounds overall: Planetstrike, Standard, City Fight and Armageddon! The first three rounds are each made up of 5 games which make up the victory 'arch', where winning a game provides an advantage to another and the 'capstone' final decides the round itself and has two games feeding in bonuses. The games are of different points values - 500, 750, 1000, 1250 and 1500 - and victory provides a bonus to the next along the arrows:

500 -> 1000 ->
750 -> 1250 ->

The idea was that each team captain would assign a player to each game, and they'd make their lists BEFORE finding out who their opponent is (as it happens though bad timing I was told my opponent before I'd written my list for the first round - so I asked Red Archer do put it together instead as he wouldn't know I was facing 'nids. Ta buddy!)

Round 1: Planetfall
500: Planetfall
750: Planetfall
1000: Desperate Assault
1250: Desperate Assault
1500: Seize and Destroy

Victory Bonus: Your ally for the next game up the arch gets TWO extra strategems.

Round 2: Standard
500 : Annihilation, Dawn of War
750 : Capture and Control, Spearhead
1000 : Seize Ground (3 objectives), Dawn of War
1250 : Annihilation, Spearhead
1500 : Seize Ground (5 objectives), Pitched Battle

Victory Bonus: Currently a bit stumped on this. We were thinking +3 on the "go first" roll, but that's possibly not epic enough.

Round 3: City Fight
500 : High Ground, Alpha Terrain
750 : Urban Assault, Alpha Terrain
1000 : Fire Sweep, Gamma Terrain
1250 : Domination, Gamma Terrain
1500 : Maximum Attrition, Omega Terrain

Victory Bonus: One extra strategem

Round 4: Armageddon!

One 1500pt per player Apocalpse match also using the Planetquake rules from the last Planetstrike mission, with each previous round giving +1 Strategic Asset to the team and +1 to the player that earned it. This game decides the whole tournament!

C&C welcome as usual, especially if you've an idea for the victory bonus in round 2!

Scourge Lord
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That's a cool way to strategize army list matchups. You get rep for that alone. :)

I also like the idea of determining the number of Assets by winning the previous rounds.

How about choosing first or second and a 3+ to Sieze Initiative for round 2?

Good work on this. I'd love to hear how it goes for you.

The Future
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The trouble is with the go first/seize rolls, is that you need something that still gives a bonus to the 1500 games even if both previous matches were won or one drawn/one loss.

We'll probably go with a modified version of Red Archer's TACOPS system.
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