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Hi I've been working on some Necron special characters since there isn't any of the FOC changing goodness of the other new codexes. If you have any suggestions on pricing, rules, etc. then please let me know.
So first up: Shadow Lord Hyperion...
Shadow Lord
Hyperion -200pts

Special Rules: Ethereal Interception, Hunters From Hyperspace, Shadow Walk, Everliving, IC , Reanimation Protocols,Prefered enemy

Wargear: Phase shifter, Tachyon Bow, The Silencer

Shadow Walk: one use only, Hyperion and his unit may choose to move as if using a veil of darkness, additionally Hyperion only scatters D6” when deep striking
Tachyon Bow: This weapon has the profile of a Tachyon Arrow but may be fired once per turn and has the gets hot rule.

The Silencer: one use only, one enemy unit in Hyperion’s line of sight may not use psychic powers for one turn

[FONT=&quot]An army with Hyperion in it may take Deathmarks as troops, also all deathmarks have the Stealth USR, Hyperion may not be in an army with Triarch Praetorians[/FONT]

Even to the Necrons the Shadow Lords origins are unknown, some believe that he was one of the original Deathmarks who was preserved in stasis until the Necrontyr ascendance to their new forms, others believe that the Nightbringer forged him from Living Metal and poured a portion of his immortal shadow into his creation. During the Necrons great sleep Hyperion did not rest, instead he traveled the galaxy studying they young races, collecting thousands of years of data on his new prey. During his travels Hyperion encountered a weapon of incredible power, the Tachyon Bow, it was hidden deep inside a Triach Fortress, but this was of little matter to the Shadow Lord. In a plan lasting several decades Hyperion stole the Bow from the Praetorians, since his encounters with the Triarch have been less than friendly .When other Necrons awoke Hyperion Sized control of a formidable Deathmark coven, with his massive knowledge and skill he led them to countless victories, often winning battles without losing any of their number. Recently Hyperion has been noticed seeking knowledge of extragalactic travel, if this is a sign of the Lord of Shadows becoming bored of his realm or of him seeking new hunting grounds is unknown, but what still stands is if an Overlord absolutely must have something dead the Shadow Lord will be the one to kill it.
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