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Homemade Eldar Alaitoc Apocalypse data sheet

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hey this is my first time posting on the forum so im not sure if this is in the right place but last year before 5th edition of 40k came out i got this idea for an entire eldar ranger army but i did not have the money to do this because it is all metal models and now 5th edition has come out the new sniper rules have rending!

My friend also collects eldar and he said we should team up in apocalypse some time once i get my army done so i thought up this data sheet to give a better theme for my army comments and corrections welcome :)

Starstrider Strike Team 100pts + models

1-3 Farseers

1+ Squads of Pathfinders

0-3 war walker squadrons

Due to the varying nature of how Alaitoc will go to war a variety of assets can be made available to the strike team.

If the entire strike team infiltrates then they are given <need an idea for this> for free

If the entire strike team outflanks then they are given ambush for free

If the strike team sets up normally or using a combination of methods they recieve scheduled bombardment as they have not

been at the battlefield long enough to set up an ambush to suprise the enemy so the fleet gives them support if it is needed.


The farseers of the strike team may not take warlock body guards as this is only a scouting party to weaken the enemy army

before the main army arrives and containing Seer Councils in a team of relative smallness is of a high risk, to lose the

precious Warlocks, Farseers and Spiritseers needed for various Eldar troops to maximise their effectiveness and travel

through the warp. Due to the time they will spend helping the pathfinders move through the warp and from place to place with

ease they have become adept at the arts of stealth as well. For 25 pts per Farseer they are given the special rules: Masters

of stealth as detailed in the ranger section of the eldar codex.

Strike team: all farseers must be deployed within 12" of another in the strike team. Or if they outflank then they must come on the board edge within 12" of where another farseer came on.

(is 12" too much i was thinking 6" as with other strike teams but this really limits the strike teams capabilities and i was thinking for fluff reasons the pathfinders would be spread across the battle even miles away because they would not have a large concentration in snipers in 1 place) should i just not label it as a strike team so it doesnt need to take the strike team rule.

also is it balanced enough i have had mixed responses from my local gw mainly eldar players like it and space marine players dislike it apart from my manager who loves it because it is the first army i am going to do which is themed.


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I don't see any inherent problem in the rules. Athough maybe adding something about coherency (The farseers can't be more than 12" apart or so) would make it follow the style of most other Apoc formations, and it gives you a limitation so your opponent(s) will have less to whine about.

In actual gameplay terms though, (note I haven't actually played any apoc) would have though sending out a "scout" party would mean your force was attacking not in its entirety. CHances are a preliminary force wouldn't make its own poibnts back very easily, and because of the loss the rest of the force would be slightly weakened.

Just my two cents :)

~ L
you must put the requirements of the force first, with this force you could take 1 farseers and only 1 squad of pathfinders. the usualy is either 2+ or 3+ for battle forces and that seems like you would have 3 farseers adn 1 pathfinder squad jsut for all the abilities

If you want a unit added for free you should say they can take a heavy weapons team for free. It may not be a real stealthy choiuce but a scout squad (looking at the military channel) is able to if it needed to stand against a fighting force for a decant amount of time.
I like your idea, and have developed plenty of data sheets as well.

I think the composition of the force should be:
0-1 Farseer
2-3 Squads of Pathfinders
0-2 Squadrons of War Walkers

If no Farseer used, 0-2 Warlocks leading squads of Pathfinders, upgraded with Master of Stealth for +10pts

Hope this helps
I like your idea, and have developed plenty of data sheets as well./quote]

This is relevant to my interests.

What kind of things have you done?

~ L
Here's a few:

1). Land Raider Cruiser - 520 points

Developed by the Brothers of the Dracon Space Marine Chapter, the Cruiser is designed to take tremendous punishment while it smashes though enemy defences and delivers two full squads into the heart of the enemy lines. Essentially a larger version of the Land Raider Crusader, the Cruiser has an elongated hull and a much larger power plant, enabling it to house extra sponsons and to carry more infantry.

Super Heavy Tank, BS4, Front, Side and Rear Armour 14. Structure Points 3.

4x Hurricane Bolters, 2x TL-Assault Cannons, 2x Typhoon Missile Launchers, 1x TL-Plasma Cannon.

Transport: 20 SM or 10 Terminators, Assault Vehicle, ‘Frag’ Assault Launchers (as Land Raider Crusader), Mine Clearing equipment (as per IG Codex), Access 3: Front and each side, Searchlight and Smoke Launcher.

Power of the Machine Spirit: If the Cruiser receives a Driver Stunned result, the Machine Spirit is able to take over and the Cruiser can be moved up to 3” straight forward. If the Cruiser receives one or more Gun Crew Shaken results, the Machine Spirit can take over the firing of one of the weapons unable to fire, for the round.

2. Warrior Cohort - 220 points + models

It is the Warrior Cohorts of the Necrons which bear the brunt of battle. Their steady implacable advance, and ability to regenerate the Cohort, make them very difficult to stop. Warrior Cohorts are lead by special Lords nicknamed ‘Centurions’ by the Scythes of the Emporer Space Marine Chapter. These Lords command their cohorts, usually embedding in the most forward Warrior unit, or Immortal unit, and even specialist close combat units find it difficult to break these mechanical warriors.

Warrior Cohorts consist of: 1 Necron Lord, 5-10 Immortals, 1-2 Tomb Spyders and 80 Warriors in four or more units.

The Necron Lord has a Gaze of Flame, a Lightning Field and a Resurrection Orb. The Lord can also have any of the other Necron Wargear except for a Destroyer Body or a Veil of Darkness, and can upgrade its Staff of Light to a Warscythe. The Lord is not limited to 100 points of Wargear.

The Immortals are a retinue for the Lord, and form a unit with it. While any Immortals are still ‘alive’, the Lord may not leave the unit.

All the Warrior units must keep at least one model within 12” of the Lord at all times. If for any reason any of these units have moved further away, they must attempt to get back within 12” as quickly as possible.

Except for Tomb Sypders, all models in the Cohort have Disruption Fields and have the Strategic Assets: Hold At All Costs. This Asset only applies to units in the Cohort.

The Disruption Fields, Gaze of Flame, Lightning Field and Resurrection Orb are included in this cost. All the Warriors in the Cohort may be given the Universal Special Rule Slow and Purposeful for an additional 150 points.

Deployment: All units in the Cohort must deploy with a least one model within 9” of the Necron Lord. No other Necron Lord may join any unit in the Cohort until the Necron Lord leading the Cohort is destroyed or leaves the battle. If a new Lord takes over command of the Cohort they do not gain the Gaze of Flame, Lightning Field or Resurrection Orb.

3. The Eye of Tzeentch: 250 points + models

Fateweaver sees all, the before, during and after. His prescient sight allows Tzeentch to direct his hordes with a clarity of vision unimagined by almost all his foes. It is this second sight that allows Fateweaver to fight many battle for his master, and somehow survive. Even when his material form is dissipated, Fateweaver manages to evade the fatal blow which could finish him.

Tzeentch uses its Eyes to penetrate deep into the defences of its enemies, striking at the heart of their formations so quickly, that they evade most retributive strikes against them.

The Eye of Tzeentch consists of:
• 1 Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch or a Lord of Change
• 0-2 Daemon Princes of Tzeentch with Daemonic Flight
• 0-2 Heralds of Tzeentch on Chariots or Discs
• 2-3 Units of Flamers of Tzeentch
• 1-3 Units of Screamers of Tzeentch
The total number of models in The Eye of Tzeentch must add up to at least 18, and be a multiple of 9, i.e. 18, 27, 36 etc. Once the Eye of Tzeentch has entered the game, this total number is irrelevant, i.e. your opponent can not say, “oh look, you only have 12 models now, so The Eye of Tzeentch is no longer a formation”.

For this Daemons in this formation, Fateweaver counts as a Chaos Icon

All of the units in this formation count as one unit when dividing your Daemonic forces into two groups for the purposes of Daemonic Assault.

When the The Eye of Tzeentch enters play, Deep Strike Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch or the Lord of Change first. Then attempt to Deep Strike the rest of the Swathe’s HQ choices within 6” of the first Deep Striker. After that, all remaining units in the The Eye of Tzeentch attempt to enter play so that one of their models is within 6” of the formation’s HQ choices.

The formation has the following Strategic Assets:
• Mirage of Tzeentch: only useable by Daemons in this Eye of Tzeentch
• Vortex Grenade: This represents a maelstrom of Chaos, and is true uncontrolled raw Warp energy, summoned by Fateweaver or the Lord of Change, and only they can be ‘equipped’ with it. This Vortex can not hurt Fateweaver, but affects the rest of the formation as normal.

4. Carnival of the Death Guard: 125 Points + models.

When a Carnival of Death arrives on a world, it heralds great disaster for its current political and religious leaders. Each Carnival seems to have a life of its own, attracting hordes of fanatical dancing followers, and destabilising the populace. On the battlefield, these Carnivals blend shooting skills and close combat prowess with great ease.
1 Carnival Master (Chaos Lord, Daemon Prince or Sorcerer, with the Mark of Nurgle)
4+ units of Death Warriors
1+ units of Nurglings

Units of Death Warriors are composed of 7-14 Death Guard (from the CSM Codex, and including all DG options except Rhinos) and Plaguebearers (from the Deamonic Codex). At least 1/3rd of the unit must be Plaguebearers, who count as having Blight Grenades and Frag Grenades. The whole unit has the USR Slow and Purposeful.

Death Warrior units can not use transport vehicles.

If a Plague Champion is not chosen, any Death Warrior unit can have a Plague Jester instead. The Jester is a Plaguebearer with the following characteristics:

Plague Jester: Psyker, Plaguesword [20pts] {WS3, BS0, S4, T5, W1, A2, I2, Ld10, Sv/5+} <Slow & Purposeful, Feel No Pain. Fearless, Daemon>

All Death Warrior Plague Champions and Plague Jesters are Psykers, and have the power: Nurgle’s Dance.

Nurgle’s Dance: used in your own Shooting Phase, and requires a successful Psychic test. Choose one enemy non-vehicle unit within 12” of the Plague Champion. Until the end of your current round, the members of that enemy unit are coerced by the Champion to dance about and join the carnival. They lose the benefits of any cover saves given by actual cover or terrain, or by psychic means (including those of Eldar Warlocks). This applies for your current Shooting phase, and your Assault phase.

One of the Death Warriors in the Carnival carries the Plague Banner. This Banner counts as a Chaos Icon from both the CSM Codex and Chaos Daemonic Codex. In addition, once during the battle, in one of your Shooting phases, you can nominate one enemy unit within 6” of the Banner bearer. That unit takes 1D6 S4 wounds (with no hits required), with no Armour or Cover saves allowed). Note that the banner bearer can be in close combat at the time, and that any casualties caused by the banner would count as casualties for the purposes of calculating who won that round of close combat.

The Death Guard Marines belonging to the Carnival, can shoot over the Carnival’s Nurglings, without their targets gaining a 4+ Cover save for your unit shooting through another of your units.

All units in the Carnival must deploy so that one of their models is within 6” of the Carnival Master; or if entering from Reserve, must attempt to enter play so that one of their models is within 6” of the Carnival Master.

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points well taken. Yes i like the 1 farseer or 2 warlocks. Im thinking warlocks having destructor just encase anybody does get close to them rather then me abusing the pathfinders 2+ save in pretty much any cover with fortune :p

and the decreased war walkers will go easier on my wallet :)

ty for the tips i will show this new version to my local staff and see what they think.

and Lord Ramon those other data sheets you have done are really nice, balanced and look fun to play as i might try some of these out in my next apocalypse game
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