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If I am starting eldar, do you think Ilyaden would be a good choice, I never saw em in action but I have heard that they are all about heavy assault warriors that take chunks away from the points?

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My take, I haven't gotten to play my first game yet, but we should keep in contact? Since we'd be around the same point of learning eh.

My takes why I play Iyanden:

-I played Ulthwe, USF, and Biel tann, experienced and looking for change.
-Iyanden is very unique, it catches peoples attention, with its models and including color scheme.
-Iyanden has a really low model count, which means easier painting, without that much hassle.
-This army is very durable, and can pack some serious power.

though This is not your everyday begginers army. If you are pretty much looking forward to Constant winning, this may not be the force, as you will actually need to do some serious planning on this army.

You are:
-Going to be outnumbered
-Mass and CC could be your weakness in some cases.
-Possibly outgunned

Though it is not to say that Iyanden is extremely hard, I feel that takes time to get use to and understanding. It pretty much could act as a Vanilla/Standard Eldar force with some inverted Force Organization charts.

If you are willing to go iyanden be prepared for:

-Heavy costs, if you buy retail, then I pray for your soul. (I happen to get my army from discounts and trades)
-Weapon mounting conversions, I'd say that if you truely play a real Iyanden force, you better be prepared for flexibility which means magneted weapons all around for your force.
I.E. Starcannon wraithlords are good against SM, but against Nids, you'd need that flexibility.
-Lose, the harsh reality.

Iyanden can go few ways:

Minimized wraithguard size, maximizing Wraithlord fielding.

Then spending points heavy in areas of: Elite, Fast attack, and heavy support.

Wraithguard/Wriathlord Heavy

Mech: Utilizing transports to take you to the heart of the enemy, though you are extremely low in numbers.

Footslog: Your whole force is ground, your force will take a long time to get up into to the heat of battle, but you rely on numbers and armour.

Hybrids: Combination of both, utilizing tactical ability with speed while your other force finally arrives to deliver the heavy blows.

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I have just finished my first pair of wrathlords, did as you said. I embended magnets in the cannons and the pod so they are interchangable. You were right, the look AMAZING. Except, I am not sure how many wrathguad I should have. I mean organization wise, one squad of 10 or 2 squads of 5 for each wrathlord? Also warlock is a must right???

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Things is: I have so many ghost warriors that I simply dont want to waste money on the troops and tanks of uthwe or biel-tan. As of right now I have

2 wrathlords
13 wrathguards
12scorpions with 3 exarchs
Kanduras scorion-king guy
farseer with 2 warlocks
vyper bike with rocket luncher
10 howling banshees with an exarch.

I think that out of this I can only build an illyaden army since for everything else I would have to order at least 40 guardians and falcons, waveserpents and etc. I sorta want to save money so I was wondering if this is enough for at least a decent Illyaden army.

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Well, its a very good start, I just think you should get one more wave serpent, so you'd have one for your banshees and one for some wraithguard.

Farseer, with fortune and witch blade and pistol

5 wraithguard with warlock/spiritseer with psychic power (enhance? or conceal?)
wave serpent with spirit stones and gun upgrade

8 wraithguard with warlock/spiritseer with psychic power (conceal sounds good for this one so they stay alive)
farseer attaches here

wraithlord with starcannon or something like that.

wraithlord with starcannon or something like that.

Vyper (don't use missile launcher (you'll have enough anti tank from wraithguard)) - Use 2 shuriken cannons

10 banshees inc exarch with excicutioner/powerblades
in wave serpent with guns upgrade and spirit stones

That could be a decent armylist using what you have but you woulnd't have enought anti light infantry. My preffered anti light infantry is dire avengers... in wave serpent, but to save money, use swooping hawks or warp spiders, spiders are more effective and are VERY useful, hawks are cooler, they look cooler but aren't that great.

In short, get a wave serpent and a squad of spiders and your set with a decent-quite good armylist to go.
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