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comments and improvements would be much appreciated.

1 farseer 83
-singing spear

6 striking scorpions 143
-exarch w/ scorpions claw

10 dire avengers 252
-exarch w/ dual cats
-wave serpent w/ t-l shuriken cannons

5 pathfinders 120

10 dire avengers 247
-exarch w/ power sword + shimmer shield
-waveserpent w/ t-l eml

5 warp spiders 152
-exarch w/ powerblades +dual deathspinner

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You're missing out on anti-tank pretty heavily, you'll need something to actually take down enemy vehicles. I'd find a way to shove in an EML on your other waveserpent.

The shimmershield/powersword on your Avenger exarch are a bit iffy if you ask me. That is a unit that you never want to be in close combat. On the other hand Invlun saves all around could make them survive a few rounds to tie up a really nasty unit you don't want getting into other parts of your force.

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I'd drop your Scorpions and your Spiders for a mounted Fire Dragon unit. Right now you have two vehicles, which most people expect in 1000. 3 would really strain their anti-tank combined with AV12 and the Energy Field rule.

Give each Serpent Stones and an EML, or a Scatter Laser if you can't afford EMLs. Bright Lances are over-rated, Fire Dragons, EMLs and Spears will bust any armor you'll fight, especially with your speed.

Drop the Shield+PwrSwrd for 2x Catapults, the're a shooting unit now a fighting unit. Anything they charge to mop up will be killed without anything special for CC. Otherwise, don't charge.
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