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Slann Mage Priest: The Focused Rumination, The Harrowing Scrutiny, Cuped Hands of the Old Ones, Plaque of Tepok, Bane Head, Army Battle Standard.
I agree with getting rid of the harrowing scrutiny. Becalming cogitation is a good option. I am not a fan of the banehead either. I would add a scroll.

Skink Priest on Stegadon w/Engine of the Gods: Level 2 Wizard
Wardrums are a great item on this guy.

Sauras Scar-Veteran: Great Weapons, Hide of the Cold-Ones

18 Sauras Warriors: Spears, Standard Bearer, Musician
Get a champ to protect the vet. You can give up the SB and Musician.

11 Skink Skermishers

11 Skink Skermishers
You only need units of 10, so you can pick up a few points here.

14 Sauras Temple Guard: Standard Bearer, Musician
Good, though I really like the plaque of dominion.

6 Terradons
Yeah, two units of 3 would be better.

3 Razordons
Having played both, I am not a fan of either salamanders or razordons. I would use the points elsewhere.
Good luck,
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