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Nice idea Mug-mug, I love the idea of but the only way i could possiably do it is get 10 cadians guardmens and come zombie arms and mass coat of green stuff in top of the head and downwards and really using a cutting knife or tool to make the mouth and some more green stuff to extend the fingers to good luck if you attempt the idea tho.

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I would take these sprues:

Cadian Guardsmen

Warhammer Zombies

Tyranid Small Biomorphs

Then, I would assemble the cadians bodies and legs, replace the cadians arms and/or hands with those from the zombie sprue, and attach the zombie heads.

Finally, attach the tyranid adrenal glands (the small circular looking things underneath the ripper) and a bit of greenstuff to the zombie-guardsmens heads, thus creating the headcrabs.

Simple, but effective.

Of course, if you want the zombies to be chaos marines, use chaos marine bits instead of cadian bits.

Good luck.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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