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How do you equip youre chracters?

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I was just wondering how you all equip youre lords and/or heroes. There are so many combinations with all the different kindreds and magic items and spites.
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My highborn:
spear of twighlight, stone of crystal mere, helm of the hunt, LA, (opptionel shield if i have the points)
makes him pack a punch an he survives

stone of crystal mere, helm of the hunt, LA, and either a additionel handweapon or graet weapon.
always goes with my eternal guard.
Thanks for the reply.

Mine goes:
Highborn with great weapon, ligth armour, shield, alter kindred, pagent of shrikes, the bow of loren and arcane bodkins.

He moves quick shoots ridiculously well and can swing a combat when he gets stuck in.:D
i think i will give the Great Weapon & Ambers Pendant combo a go. if i am correct then i should strike first. could be nice .... S 6......:shifty:
I wanna try out the spirit sword, i think it would be so funny to see the looks on my friends face when his dragon goes down to a single blow. Just hope idont kill myself!
Highborn in eternal guard unit: oaken armour and daith's raipier

Noble with battle standard and oaken armour with EG unit: stubborn with rerolls, unlikely to die with regen

Highborn with wild riders: armour of the fey, the spear that confers -1 to hit, a murder of spites

Wardancer highborn: blades of loec, the stone that allows teleportation, murder of spites

wardancer noble: blades of loec

alter highborn: gw, lt armor, shld, helm of the hunt, hail of doom arrow, pageant of shrikes

What would you use on your treeman ancient (if you have one?). I would use an annoyance of netlings and a murder of sprites and a cluster of radients :D
I take the cluster on him so that it'll stick around whereas on a branchwraith, it's much more likely to be lost.

I don't take the annoyance since I don't intend to make any (or many) frontal charges. On the rear or side, it's unlikely that he'll have anyone to challenge.

I take the spite that gives him D6 shooting attacks because it compliments his strangle roots so well. He can fire both and stand and shoot with both.

If I'm not taking a branchwraith, I use the murder of spites on him; otherwise, he has just the two: shooting and cluster. He's expensive enough already. But the murder can make him even more dangerous, but I reserve it for the BW if she's around.

On a BW in a game with a TMA I take a cluster and a murder. Otherwise, I give her a murder and an annoyance.

Thanks for the rply. I think the murder is quality investment at only 25pts. Out of interest in 2000 what do you use the most : highborn, spellweaver, or, treeman ancient?
I don't often equip my troops the same way. I always try to tailor them towards the opponent. However, if I don't know what my opponent is playing I use it as an excuse to experiment with different combinations.
My favorite out of the ordinary combination is Oaken Armor and the Stone of rebirth. With these two items together you are nearly immortal.
i was wondering about the stone of rebirth. Is it the first time you get reduced to 1 wound you get a 2+ ward OR when youre on one wound? Its says one use only.
Once you get to one wound, it gives a single 2+ ward save and then its gone whether you faled the save or made it.

Basically it gives you one more shakey wound.
Thanks cos i was a bit confused by it. The amulet of Itzl(lizardmen item) does a similar thing - first wound you take you get a 2+ ward but explains it much better. For the stone it should just say last wound you take you get a 2+ ward.
Waywatcher Nobel (hand weapon, Stone of the Crystal Mere, hail of doom arrow)

yep then

Lvl. 2 Spellsinger (x2 powerstone)

Lvl. 2 Spellsinger (x2 powerstone)

I still only have 1500 points so no lvl. 4 caster for me. :/
I like the Super Scout

Bow of lorean
either Arcane bodkins or Starfire depending on who you play
Scout Kindred

Just run him around and avoid combat by staying close to forests.
Both ur heroes are ilegal tho. The waywatcher noble has 60pts of magic itmes, 10pts over his allowance and the scout highborn is 105pts, 5pts over his allowance.
woops. thanks. =P
np, but which item would u chooes the doom arrow or stone?.
prbly hail, because its the point of waywatchers not to get shot...if they get wounded its my own damn fault...still it is a nice thing to have.
hail is awsome but can sometimes be ineffective. I anhilated a unit of 8 maruder horse in one game, but in the next killed only 2 swrodmasters with it.
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