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How do you paint chaos spawn?

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I am starting a lost and the damned army. I am going to get Chaos Spawn. Anyway HOW DO YOU PAINT THEM?
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I like lots of fleshy colours combined with a bit of blood giving the impression its bursting out of its host (rather than mutating).

Generally unless you are having a tzeenetch or slaaneshi themed army lots of dark brooding colours work well (reds, blacks etc) with a few fleshy colours.
I do like this:

Basecoat black
drybrush Bleached Bone
glaze of Scab Red, get it deep in them recsesses.
Elf flesh/Bleached bone mix painted as skin
Thinned down Blood Red in the "woundy" parts.
Add some Gloss varnish to make the freshest of the blood look gory enough.

Good luck
Thanks guys.
This is one of the minis out there which you should not ask how to paint! It can be every color out there!
I would like to make a spawn (a quite small one, like a termie) and paint it blue and purple check squares! If people ask, I say my god is a strange one and decided that it should look like that ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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