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let's say a unit of furies is charging your Warp Fire thrower and you decide to stand and shoot. How do you determine when to shoot the WFT? If the flying furies are out of range, how do you determine when they are in range (S&S specifically states that you must wait til all of the shooting unit is within range of the charging unit)? Do you just figure the maximum distance the WF can travel (around 18" including the template) or not count the template and stop the 10" from the WFT and the roll your artillary die (the way I'm leaning right now) or do you fire and see what the actual range of the fire is? If they started out of range or close to it, there's a pretty good chance you can't hit them.

Are the gutter runners' Poisoned Attacks the same as the Scrap Pile Poisoned Attacks (ie. no poison slings?)

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I'll field the second question first, it's an easier answer. The poison from the scavenge pile is dumb and poorly written, and honestly should just apply to magic weapons to make things easier. But no, if a unit simply upgrades to poisoned attacks instead of specifically gaining poison from the scavenge pile, then poison applies to all their weapons. Even slings.

Alright, fliers charging WFT. Three situations here.

Fliers charging from within 10" - Hold

As stated in the stand and shoot reaction rules, a unit charging must be beyond half their charge distance, or the shooters cannot stand and shoot. In other words, if a flier is within 10" the WFT cannot stand and shoot.

Fliers charging from 10"-18" - Stand and Shoot

Now the fliers are outside their half charge distance, but within the maximum range of the WFT. The WFT's stand and shoot reaction is worked out before moving the chargers... if the flame falls short, oh well.

Fliers charging from 18"-20" - Flee

The sweet spot for enemies charging a WFT. Since the fliers are outside the maximum fire distance of the WFT, you move the charges to the maximum range of the WFT (18") and resolve shooting (which means you'll hit one flier on a roll of 10 and nothing on a roll of anything else, and potentially misfire).

Honestly, if the charges are this far away, I'd flee... with +1 flee distance, you will automatically get out of range, unless you miscalculated the distance visually (and even then you'd pretty much have to roll snake eyes to be caught). And WFTs tend to be near the general as they are near large CR/SV blocks, so they should rally. If not, oh well, at least they weren't auto-gibbed by fliers, who now have moved 10" and are just sitting out in the middle of the field, waiting to be shot by the rest of your army.
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