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How far can attack bikes move and fire?

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Ya, im just confused on the rules for attack bikes. Can they move and shoot??

thx for the help...

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Yes. All weapons on the bikes count as vehicle mounted, so may move and shoot. They still follow the normal restrictions for how far they can move and shoot though. IE, no turbo boosting and shooting.
An attack bike may move up to 12" and fire all weapons mounted on it as though it were stationary.
please notice that only mounted weapons benefit from this rule. personal weapons, like boltpistols or so do not. so some might lose range.
More question about attack bikes

since i have to have three attack bikes to make a squad does that inculde a leader

ooo and can you put melta guns,plasma guns on a attack bike and if you can how many and what type(pistol heavy etc )

and can the biker carry a two handed weapon one handed or none and what are the rules to that

No to all of your questions, you are wrong about having to have 3 attack bikes, and this bit of advice:
Get the Codex.
yeh i should get the codex thx
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