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A new Imperial guard starter set came out a while ago for the Scions, complete with formation. I've always wanted to take these guys but were put off by their steep points cost. Now that may have changed with this formation...

1 Commissar,
1 Militarum Tempestus Command Squad,
1 Unit of Militarum Tempestus Scions,
1 Taurox Prime

Special Rule: Hellrain Reinforcements
Each time the scions unit in this formation is completely destroyed, you can... if the commissar is still alive, immediately place a new Scions unit into ongoing reserves that is identical to the unit that was destroyed (this includes size, weapons and upgrades. These reserve units arrive via deep strike.

I used to love suicide veteran squads back when I first started playing guard and with this ability to strike numerous times would allow Scions to feel that role! I'd likely field the command squad with 3 meltaguns to take advantage of the split fire command and give the scion squad 2 plasma guns for the extra range and anti-marine threat. As for the Taurox I'd equip it with Missiles and Autocannons and have it flank round for side harassment. The Commissar I'd stick in a blob of infantry or my Rapier Laser Battery squad for the T6 bonus.

So I'm very interested to know your thoughts and more importantly your experiences with this formation?
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