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How many sister???

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2 Quick question,

how many SOB do you use in your list???

Now I use 48 SOB in 1500 army list
and I want to know if is enough

Rhino or foot?

Thanks to all :w00t:
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The response to 1 is governed by the response to 2, for example, my army is mechanised, I have 38 sisters of some form or another in 1500 points.

If it was foot based I would be adding a further 20-25 sisters to the list
In 1500pts army i have about 30-40 sisters, this is in the form of a mechanised army though.
I have a footslogging list right now, 1300 pts and I think 58 models.
35 SoBs + 1 Priest for me (in my old list, will change it in the future).
Sisters are cheap, so fielding a lot of them is generally a good idea. Saying 'if you force enough armor saves they'll fail some of them' doesn't work on the Sisters, their saves are too good and they're too numerous.

Against any MEq army you should aim to match or exceed their numbers. 40K strongly rewards having a lot of good infantry. I've experienced battles where loads of characters and vehicles have miserably failed to make up for lack of footsloggers. This is especially the case with Sisters where good BS, faith abilities, excellent armor and low cost combines to produce the best basic trooper in the game. Notice how most of the figure counts posted so far are on the high side for power-armoured. Many Marine armies have only 20-30 infantry models at 1500 pts.
looks like I need some more sisters... haha. Oh well, I only have 3 boxes of sisters, so I knew Id need more anyways.
Navnlos Sjel said:
looks like I need some more sisters... haha. Oh well, I only have 3 boxes of sisters, so I knew Id need more anyways.
hehe, we always need more girls!

in 1500 i have like 46 sisters on rhinos
Reading about everybodys SoB-armies I can understand that there are people that think all male SoB-players are pmips ;)
ya can't have an all-male sob army as there are no male sisters an all male wh army is possible though .

back to the question i only use footsloggers in 1500 abou.... 64 but 48 is okay but ya won't nearly have enough flamers and in the end thats what it's all about
like the location plague.

Plague dos havea real basic point, asside from issues with tanks/armour it is feasible to field simply loads of sisters with bolters, flamers an heavy flamers and basically beat most armies
Whoa! I need more sisters - I have like 3 or 4 boxes only, and some are painted as Celestian or Ret only....or I should play 1000pts MAX :shifty:

For people with 50+ sisters - are all painted to the same (high) standard? I'd rather play with 30 painted sisters than with 60 primed or just painted ones...
my last sisters army was comfortable up to 1250 points (I had about 1500 but you need to have spares) and had over 50 painted sisters.
My current mechanised army has as above, although not all are yet painted

Wawelski, figure out a list, put it up and aim to that.
Not sure if having a list will work for me :)

I started colelcting with a plan to have nicely painted 750 army and stop. And then I liked one model, and another, and another... Now I am up to 1700 pts maybe, but a big part of that I admit is burried in Celestine, Karamazov, Exorcist and Immolators which are still in boxes...
OK that is fine, that means you are more focusses on the painting and fluff etc than being a "power gamer", still put up a list, make that clear, you should get plenty of advice
always need more sisters...ahaa
not really just more flamers ahaa hahh
oh do I ever agree with you!
Plague_00 said:
not really just more flamers ahaa hahh
So true, so true...
Dominon-squad with Immo w/ Heavt Flamer, 4 SoBs w/ flamers, 1 Vet. w/ combi-flamer and 1 Palentine/Canoness w/ combi-flamer/brazier of holy fire :yes:
veterans all need a combi-flamer and a brazier of holy flame then give squad a heavy flamer and a normal flamer and that is a standard sister squad a dommy squad for me is same as above but the heavy is on tank and 3 more flamers.
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