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Greetings fellow gamers,

I have a question about the steam tank, and the generation of steam points

In the army book it says (and I am paraphrasing) choose how many steam points you generate. and roll dice. If the total is below a number "X" you are gravy.

Now do you get steam points you chose, or how many you chose plus the number you rolled?

One seems really burly, and the other seems more reasonable. The empire player seems to think it is the latter.

Thank you for your input.

Very Respectfully,

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It's the amount of steam points, plus the number rolled. I'd dig up a quote, but it seems my Empire book's on walkabout, sorry. 'Tis what happens when you don't use it for some months, heheh.

ED: Page 51 - "If you declared 1 or more SP, roll a D6 and add the number of steam points you've decided to generate."

Hope this helps :).

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Reread the sentance. To generate SP you need to choose between 0-5 and add D6. To see if you pass the total has to be less the the remaining wounds. If sucessful this then gives you the number of SP you just declared you were generating. Not the number and D6 roll amount together.

Example. I choose to generate 4 SP. I roll a 5 and get a total of 9, my ST has 10 wounds still. So I pass and get a total of 4 SP to use. Not 9!
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