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How many times have you seen an army win?

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Just out of interest (or is it sheer boredom?) please put down how many times you have seen every army win for a graph I'd like to make. Obviously you might not remember, I sure don't! But please try, my friend who I am persuading to take up warhammers says the only warhammers he will collect are the 'winners' of this poll. (So make the army who has the most weakness to the druchii look very promising!) Thanks.:ninja:

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That is a bit pointless.. There are so many other variables, such as the army list, the skills of the players, the dice.. You can't just come up with something that accurately says what army is best against what.

And on a related note, picking an army just because people say it is best against army x is also a bit silly. Any army can do well in the right hands, you should pick one that you like the look and feel of.

If he really wants something uber, go Skaven. :rolleyes:
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