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How Much Countercharge?

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In a shooty army, how much countercharge do you usually try to take? Do you limit yourself to just one squad of assault marines and keep your fingers crossed, or do you go for a fairly balanced list?
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I use assault marines becasue that what my hq goes with.

Terminators are good they can lay down huge amounts of fire pwoer then get stuck in when they need to.
I normally take a unit of terminators to provide a moving fire base and counter assault squad.

A master or something lurking in your lines is very good for a quick counter charge, keep him cheap and nasty and he should do pretty well.
Master are also great!
They are cheap and actually help your whole army.
that and you should have One close fire support squad with a transport So like a 6 man squad with Termi Honors on the sarge give him either a plasma gun or power weapon then give the squad a plasma gun and either another plasma gun or a heavy bolter maybe plasma cannon if you exclusively play other marines. This way you can put the squad where you need it and provide a significant amount of increased firepower at that point and a possible counter charge depending on what your enemy decides to charge.

Terminators are also good choices (nonassault type)

FULL assault squads are also a good choice but make sure you give the sergent the TH and powerfist.

Also if you have a tight formation a lone commander can jump in the fray with a power weapon and reall change the way things go
Since I play an assault marine SM chapter my opponents tend to use termis as they move just as fast as regular marines, shoot quite well, and have powerfists in close combat just in case.

The other option I see is using tank screens but usuaslly this only works if there are no meltabombs coming.

Another deterrent thats now getting common against me is the use of regular bolter squads to double tap and stall......not working so far but I can see it used well against ork and tyranids.

oh.....dreadnoughts.....they hurt in close combat against standard CC troops, having a powerfist and I4.
I think I may have not been as clear as I could have been, although I do appreciate the unit advice. I was more curious how -much- people would take. One squad, two squads, three? Obviously if you only take one, you could easily be overwhelmed. Four will keep you safe, but that's a lot of points that aren't shooting... which may lead to you being outshot, and then you're forced to play your opponent's game.
As someone else mentioned, I like to position Dreadnoughts as a nice counter-charge unit. If I take a Dread I take 2 with Assault Cannon and DCCW for this role. All too often in my experience, a (non-powerfist wielding) squad will look at the Dreadnought and it's Assault Cannon and for some reason expect to march past it while it shoots at them. If your opponent does have a powerfist they are either dead or tied up for the game.

Beyond the usual Assault Squad, otherwise I don't much bother with counter-charge. After all even bolter-armed marines are still a credible CC threat.
How do True Grit or the Take the Fight To Them trait work for receiving a charge? I'm leaning towards the BP/CCW option since it keeps my costs down and is better if I'm the one to charge (as I'd be likely to do unless my opponent has a charge radius of over 12".) I'm not so sure that it's worth the extra N points per model just to get an extra shot or two off with my "grunts" bolters.

So, yeah, after trying to go back to a quantity question... I go and ask a unit question. I am a very bad person.
i like to use a % of the total pts to see how much i spend on counter-charge units. Generally about 30% of ur pts should be dedicated to CC, tho other pts can be spent on units which both shoot and CC well like termies.
So in a 1000pts game, i'd just take an assault squad + chaplain. That's roughly 320pts.
In 1500pts, i'd take a maxed-out assault squad w/Furious Charge + tooled-up Chap. should be around 420pts.
And so on...
It all depends. I would try to take very little though in a shooty army. The less you have the ore big guns you can buy.
Maybee just a master with lightningclaws and a command squad.
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