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How on earth do you defeat chaos?

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How the @#&*%$£ do you defeat chaos? I mean, even their warriors are strenghth five, not talkiong about special units.:wacko:
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I would guess by typically outnumbering, out shooting and out manuevering them since Dark Elves should be superior in all three to a straight mortals(no marauders) list that you seem to be referring to.

It would seem that its the heavily armoured units that have you worried, I'd invest in some RBTs.

We could probably be more helpful with some example lists to work with.

Ie: Your standard Dark Elf list and your opponnents Chaos list.
I agree. You have to outmanouvre them with Dark Riders etc. With spells acting as support and shooting, you should be able to control a lot of the movement in the battle (hence, you can pick your battles carefully, using your mobility to get into good positions for flank charges etc.). The only problem, as Grey said, is things like Marauder Horsemen, whichi are fast....well they are a problem until you kill them with your RXBs and Knights may be a problem until you destoy them with RBTs, and Warriors can be taken out with a flank charge from Cold One Knights (In my list, I have a Highborn with the Gauntlet of Power on a Cold One with a unit of 5 Cold One Knights with Musician, Standard Bearer and the Warbanner...that means if I manage to get a flank charge on the unit I will be winning combat by 1 before any attacks are dealt (assuming the units has +3 rank bonus, a Standard Bearer and outnumbers....if they are missing some of those then I will be winning by more :w00t: ), then there are the attacks from the Highborn with the GoP and the rest from the Knights.....and then a unit of Warriors having lost combat by a lot, break from combat and get cut down! (hopefully...on averages it should work anyway...but that is no gaurantee...). Anyway, enough rambling. Basically use RBTs (2 should do, I think 4 RBTs is pretty uncalled for in a 2000pt game...assuming it is?) maybe a unit or 2 of RXB warriors and have some Dark Riders and you are set! (At least I think so....I have never played Chaos before....:w00t: ). :O
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simple don't get into CC with them.
Seriously almost any other unit will have a though time fighting chaos warriors. You just have to outmanuver them. You've got some nice tips from the above posters already.
As for me I think Dark Riders are better at killing those marauder horsmen and marchblocking at the same time, you forgot about warhaunds and Furies that can be a pain too... but they should go down by shhoting too.
When you controll the movement of the battlefield you pretty much don't have to worry about korne and nurgle as much as before. Slaanesh can still be of a problem as their mounted daemonettes are faster than your fast cavs. so take them out asap! Tzeentch screamers can be a pain... as well as Tzeentch magic. Deal with those with eg. CoKs and flying character on monsters.

But if you want a spesific strategy against a certain army list you have to give us more detail :p.

Master_Bungle nice general & retinue you've got there... I bet they'll break anything they charge... well except for unbreakable units ofcause :p hehe.
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zhaf said:
Master_Bungle nice general & retinue you've got there... I bet they'll break anything they charge... well except for unbreakable units ofcause :p hehe.
Oh, why thank you! I made it my self......It's a family recipe. But seriously though, it is a lot of points in that unit, which makes them a large target (not in game terms obviously, that would just be silly! Hah! (or does it? :| ). I think the unit comes to a grand total of (whatever 188+242pts is)........430pts? Anyway, basically using your speed to your advantage and the fact that they have no shooting means your shooting can target their most powerful units while your dark riders can march block them (and as zhaf said) kill their marauder horsemen. Then when you eventually get into yourself a favour and get as many flank/rear charges you can if possible. Also, like I said, use magic to try to control their movement too....just don't go overboard on magic, I think it works nicely as support. Also, even with 7 power dice you can attempt 3 - 4 spells a turn (using 3 dice, 2 dice, 2 dice or 2 dice, 2 dice, 2 dice and then the one dice (chillwind may be 5+ to cast but when you have +1 to cast it is a 50% chance of it working!) and with a bound spell (the Wand of Kharaidon) that is a lot spells at a not too large points cost for what it does! (At least I find it useful anyway...).
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A RBT is a Reaper Bolt Thrower (ie. The equivalent of the High Elf Repeating Bolt Thrower).
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