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simple don't get into CC with them.
Seriously almost any other unit will have a though time fighting chaos warriors. You just have to outmanuver them. You've got some nice tips from the above posters already.
As for me I think Dark Riders are better at killing those marauder horsmen and marchblocking at the same time, you forgot about warhaunds and Furies that can be a pain too... but they should go down by shhoting too.
When you controll the movement of the battlefield you pretty much don't have to worry about korne and nurgle as much as before. Slaanesh can still be of a problem as their mounted daemonettes are faster than your fast cavs. so take them out asap! Tzeentch screamers can be a pain... as well as Tzeentch magic. Deal with those with eg. CoKs and flying character on monsters.

But if you want a spesific strategy against a certain army list you have to give us more detail :p.

Master_Bungle nice general & retinue you've got there... I bet they'll break anything they charge... well except for unbreakable units ofcause :p hehe.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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