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(Ok so i wanted the 1st dark elf post)

Hey guys im having a bit of a problem against dark elves with my dwarfs. I know dark elves are meant to be effecibe against dwarfs so what can i do to minimise there advantages and maximise my advantages (if i have any)

Im hope Flamebeard can help me on this :)

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Ok main points:

Elf = T3 S3, very weak so he's gonna have a tough time wounding your dwarfs. Use this. Give as many warrior units Heavy armour, shield and great weapon as you can afford. S3 no Sv mod so 5+, Gws coz with I2 your gonna strike last, so stike hard.

One good combo if you have the points is:

Lord - Hand weapon, Gromril Armour, Shield

MR of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving
MR of Adamant, Rune of Stone
MR of Spite

This gives you a T6 lord, with a 2+ Sv that strikes first with S5. He should kill some elf before the attack making sure that there's less to attack. Stick him in a unit with GWs/Shields and more dwarfs will be striking back at S5. This equals dead elfs. Also this lord is good to stop flank charges, detatch him and make sure elfs have to charge him. His T6 and 2+ Sv should keep them held up for a while. You may be wondering why I said shields and GWs, this is for Sv vrs missile fire and gives you option of HW and shield in CC.


Try to make sure every flank is guarded, you can do this by staggering units

---- -----

This means if one unit is flank charged the unit below can then flank them.

I wouldn't depend to much on shooting, elfs are better. But I'd take cannon (Rune of forging) and probably a Bolt Thrower (Rune of Penetration) these will be wounding on 2s and can reduce ranks.

Ok elfs are fast, so small units of thunderers or crossbowmen on flank guard duty are good. Give them shield thats 4+ Sv in CC, maybe a standard or musician incase of combat. Thunderers are great at this move turn 1, shoot turn 2. In either turn 2 or 3 dark riders (if has any) will be on flank. Most likely in close range this equals +1 to hit.

Another tactic is Miners 20 and full command, these will be useful to stop either bolt throwers or marches depending on which flank they appear on.

Cold ones can be stopped again by the lord/GWs tactic or provide them with a unit they can't resist charging and next turn flank charge them. They lose their bonus from their lance, and ranks. Ironbreakers are good for decoy due to high Sv.

As to magic have at least one runesmith (2's better) and give him MR of Balance or Spellbinding. And Runes of spellbreaking (as many as you can). Save the spellbreaking for big spells like Black horror or dominion. Coz dwarfs have T4 you can ignore chillwind and should be able to dispel doombolt with dice.

Just be careful coz new rules for word of pain means it can be cast into CC. But if your feeling mean give runesmith spelleater rune and wait for his best spell *BYE-BYE* ;)

For special units the runes for banner should be any of these:

Rune of Courage - Call that a hydra? I've seen scarier things under my bed
Rune of battle - There only pansy elfs. Poke with a stick and they die.
Rune of Sanctuary - Call that a spell? Whoosh! Fizzile!! HA!!

And finally if you have points BSB is great. Give him MR of Valaya vrs magic heavy, MR of Strmni Redbeard vrs CC heavy. MR of Groth 1-eye is good Ld 10 unmodifiable *now try to make me run you pansy elfs*.
Or how about the Rune of slowness, perfect to set them up for charge next turn.

But my main point is keep flanks covered, and make sure you stop his best spells.
Hope I've helped, tell us how you got on.

May you strike a grudge from your Dammaz Kron this day.

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I'd have to agree with the tactics listed. Some of them will help you (some won't as much ;) ) but generally they aren't a bad way to go.
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