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I’m sure pretty much every one of you reading this has a large stock of random unused sprues somewhere in your gaming area. If you don’t then you are wasting some of the best terrain building materials you can get for free (well I guess you can argue a sentinel sprue was $30, but you did use the sentinel pieces right?)

Here is a shot of my stockpile:

In this article I will go step by step on how to build an Ork wall made from sprue and any random bitz you have lying around. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to build an Ork piece of terrain with this guide, but you can change it up to fit any of the 40k races. I just find Ork terrain is the easiest to make, since you don’t have to worry about the smooth lines of the Tau/Eldar.

Here is the list of materials you will need to complete the project:
Sprue (duh!), scalpel, clippers/scissors, super glue, 1/16” hole punch, plasticard/bitz.

Here is the glue I’ve fallen in love with after trying out many others including GW’s. It is pictured next to the hole punch I use to make rivets. Just get a thin piece of plasticard/for sale sign (got mine at the dollar store. For plasticard I use Plastruct or Evergreen products found here: Plastruct, Inc. - Home and Evergreen Scale Models/ If you don’t’ want to deal with them directly you can find both products on Ebay.
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