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iv never played against ulthwe, but i play them so i think that i can be a valuble source. basically an ulthwe army(should be, if not cheesed) lots of guardinas led by the seer coucil.

Things to look out for:
1. seer coucil will possibly all have witchblades(wounds anything on 2) and warlocks will ahve enhance(+1 ws and I)(doesnt require psyphic test) making like 7 guys ini 6 and 5 with WS 6 and 5. most of the time they will hit on 3 and wound on 2. Another thing. the Farseer WILL have fortune and cast it on themselves. this measn they get to re-roll their 4+ inv saves....they are really hard to kill with 3 wounds a piece plus the warlock(1 wound)

2. LOTS of SHURIKEn. they should have alot of guardians and have alot of shuriken cataopults, with 2 shots a piece they can take out a chunk of just about naythign.

1. the seer coucil is alot fo points. mine can be anywhere from 325-500 points in a 1500 pts game.)

2. lack of aspect warriors. ulthewe is limited to 2 aspect warrior squads(they cant have any more aspect then black guaridians and all compulsary troops are black guardians.)

Itsgreatest weakness is the aspect. there are alot of guaridans and a well placed particle whip will desastate them....especially the expensive seer coucil.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.