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Prime the model either black or grey.

Basecoat Dheneb stone.
Wash with Gryphonnie Sepia
Recoat with Bleached Bone leaving the washed colour in the recesses.
Highlight with a Bleached Bone : Skull White mix of 1:1

Further highlight if you want.

Alternatively you could use Bronze flesh as a basecoat instead of the dheneb stone and wash, but i prefer that colour more.

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The question is, do you want white or bone deathwing? White is more fluff correct but bone is usually easier to paint and has become the 'standard' DW colour to many people.

I would also ask how much effort you want to put into your models as white/bone can be super-easy for a quick result or pretty hard going for a really high quality model.

In either case I would undercoat WHITE.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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