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My point is that there wouldn't be any Orkoid-spores alive, or whole enough for the Mycetic spores to have any effect. But phage-cells and phage-viruses are not the same thing. The phage-cells must be some kind of cells feeding on (now) the spores and all other kinds of biological matter.

I don't know if GW thought this through properly, seeing as theese phage-cells and mycetic spores would simply work against eachother. One trying to eat everytyhing and the other trying to change its biological.code. But who knows, maybe they work together with the Hive Mind and in some way only attack specific things? If that is the case I do believe Orkoid-spores would be high up on the destroy list, to keep resistance down.

But I guess your point doesn't really have anything to do with the two working in the same area, the question in itself is that IF there were only Orkoid-spores and Mycetic Spores around, what would happen?
Here's where the problem arises, they're both spores. This means that they are something that WILL grow, a seed so to speak. The Mycetic spores I might guess work by attaching themselves to normal fauna and then start growing ON them, pumping in different enzymes or simply ready made plasmides or strands of DNA that will change it's biological structure. I do not think that theese spores, will attach to other spores (meaning, Orkoid-spores). And were they'd have any kind of effect would be on the "cocoons" in which the Orks grow in, once the Orkoid-spores have settled and had time to grow. Meaning theese Mycetic Spores would have to make it underground to, or into whatever creavice it is they grow in. Not a very illogal assumption, altough. But once they got there, maybe they would have some effect. I couldn't imagine them turning Tyranoid's, really. But some form of more feral ork would most probably derive from it.

Theese are my assumptions, at least ^^

Cheers ^^
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