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how would you beat this dwarf army.

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Hi all im an Elf player and im haveing a hard time beating this dwarf army. im currently at work and dont have my full amylist at this moment.

his army contains
1 anvil of doom
1 cannon
1 bolt thrower
1 organ gun
10 quarrlers
10 thunderes
15 slayer
2x 15 normal dwarfs 1 with a thane and 1 with the rune of stolisim
15 longbeards hes made them unbreakable tho i dont know where hes made them unbreakable.

and if he has 200 differance in our campaign he uses 15 miners.

ive tried out shooting him, ive tried 10 dragon princes with the battle banner

my next try will be to get a prince with the searferer bow and try to take out his warmachines with a prince on an eagle.

i know how to get rid of his slayers there not a problem i wiped them out in 1 magic phase the cheapest items 2x ring of furies on 2 mages :) WWwwwiiipppeee Outttt!!!! (my sence of humor) he wont be bringin them into the open too quickly lol

any help would be most grateful


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