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I am a long time player, newly back in the fold.

I started playing 40k in '93, I think, shortly before 2nd edition came out. I've been a Space Wolf player since I bought my first unit(a lead wolf guard termie squad IIRC). I dabbled in Blood Bowl during that time frame as well.

I took a long break during the later 90's, but turned up again during 3rd edition 40k. I updated and expanded my Space Wolf army, as well as starting up some CSM & DE forces. I also started to explore Fantasy, but never really got to play.

I made a brief reappearance early in 4th edition before life got in the way... again.

But now I am back and I brought a support company this time. I am starting a WFB Empire army. I have been in the process of unloading models I have no plans of using in the near future to help finance new models. (bye- bye early 90's skinny bloodletters) My compatriots are going stuntie and VC, and we're planning on working escalation style.

I currently have:

~2200pt table top ready Space Wolves
~800pts Space Wolves in various stages of completion(un- or partially assembled or painted)
~1500pts Dark Eldar(mostly unprepped)
~750 pts Empire(I'm currently prepping these :party:)
~500 pts Orcs(probably to be liquidated)
an unknown pt value of CSM & OOP daemons(in the process of being liquidated)
Some LOTR remnants(in the process of being liquidated)
3 Blood Bowl teams(Humans, Orcs & Dark Elves)
some old OOP IG(rapier laser destroyer & psychers- originally planned to be cultists)

There appears to be a wealth of knowledge and motivation available here. ;Y Hopefully, I'll find a way to contribute.
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