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Hq And Emperors Champion

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Im just wondering why Emperors Champion is nolonger capable of being a HQ choice, Like *****! Why did they do that. I liked having him as a HQ, now I have to Use my Chaplain. Damnit! LOL

I centred my whole armys Fluff around an Emperors Champion as the Leader.
What a bunch of Crap
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You could still use your fluff on the champion and say sumthing like he controles what your chaplain does.

I thought the beauty of the champion was he did not take up a HQ choice so u could field him and 2 other HQs
true true, but im just curious why they took that away?
I assume you play Black Templar, I'll give you a straight answer. Because it's better. You MUST take him, and so it would kill some of the army building if you could only take one HQ choice beside him.
And, btw, what is wrong with Marshals or Chaplains ;)
Nothin, just questioning the game workshop gods! I DEFY U GODS LOL
The emperors champion will live for ever (he does suck from time to time) but that does not matter. The champion can kill everything!!!!! :rolleyes:
Better then that stupid avatar, chaos Lords, Tau (sissies) suits, hell,.....even better then the emperor him self. (quicker than his own shadow)
Who the Bad man !!! LOL WE ARE!
how does that collor thing work???? i cant get it right

yeah just gotta do it right, gotta highlight what you want changed
yeah just gotta do it right, gotta highlight what you want changed

But seriously, the emperors champion is not a leader, rather a divinly inspired troop.
It would be sweet if you could have more then 1
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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