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Human Auxellary in tau army

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I have a imperial guard amry and some of the doctrines is sharpshooters and camo. i want to use so of the gaurdsmen as a troop choice which is perfectly fine, but what doctrines? Can i still use them? Gaurdsmen by themselves arn't really appealing. Does anyone know for sure?
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They are not used as guardsman, they are counted as a completely different unit. As such, no doctrines or imperial upgrades. However, they do get to use some tau upgrades instead. The rules for them are here on the UK GW site.
if guardsmen alone don't intrigue you... you should play another army.. like steel legion or get upgrades such as carapace armor or others. though you can best assure yourself ... some of those upgrades aren't effective at all. but that is besides the wrong point that human aux, which is strictly for tau.

Basically guardsmen with 4+ saves for tau only and no doctorines.
uh... yeah..
human auxis are a tau troop,
and get no IG doctrines...

as much as i wish it were otherwise,
if you're playing Tau and using human auxis, you can only use the options in the human auxis data sheets.
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