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I am a newb but, whats up with the darkwatch

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Ok, so my question is about the Deathwatch.:wacko:
Who are they?
How do they work?
Are they really all they seem to be?
Im not disrespecting them. Personally I think they're awesome.:yes:
Are they usable in a official game?
If so, how?

Any help is much apreciated.:sleep:
Im reading a book about them and my friend told about them in a battle or something like that.
Which got me to wondering.

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I'm guessing you mean Deathwatch? They are the Imperium's crack team of alien hunters. They are assembled from the most experienced and skilled alien killers from all of the chapters and called on when there is a formidable alien threat. They use special equipment and weaponry to hunt down alien leaders and assassinate or exterminate alien threats. They do long missions since they often have to track and hunt down alien leaders or supress large incursions, but they eventually go back to their chapter, to be summoned again when they are needed.

They wear black armour and the Inquisitor shoulder pad with the rim that comes on command sprues as their left shoulder pad(in silver), with their original chapter's shoulder pad as the right(with a silver rim).

They are usable as allies to any codex chapter(possibly IG or Inquisition as well but I dont know), their rules are in one of the White Dwarf issues.
Yea I do mean Deathwatch.
And about them, so they are usable in a Warhammer 40k battle?
Well now i have to go and find the White Dwarf Issue.
Thanks For the Help!

I can tell you that they are covered in the Chapter approved 2003, you may also try the 2004 book to see if they are covered in there. As far as I know, if something is covered in a White Dwarf it is legal to use in a game. But I would contact who ever is running the game/campaign/event and make sure that they are ok to use. And if you cant get a hold of them, just bring a alternative unit to fill in as a back up. Ill see if I can find the White Dwarf and edit the post with the issue number so that you also have that to find the information you need.
One of the recent White Dwarf issues had updated rules for them to stem the tide of the new Tyranids. Next time I'm at my rogue trader store I'm gonna look around the archive for the issue number... my brother is a little interested in them. I would be too, but Black Templars can't take them unless I play them codex style.
Indeed, if you can find which WD they wre in they count as an HQ for your army if you want one.
I haven't been able to find the White Dwarf with them, you might try contacting Games workshop and see if they have a copy of the White dwarf that you need. I can tell you that as printed they are a 0-1 HQ unit. Ill keep looking but I just wanted to throw out an alternative to try to find the information that your looking for.
The newest rules are in UK-WD 306 (found here). If you get the US version you should probably start looking somewhere around that number.
wow those deathwatch sprues look awesome :w00t: .. i wish i knew about them sooner.. you could make a pretty kick ass custom chapter using those unique looking bolters and shoulder pads :yes: . (the shoulder pads solve the problem of not having transfers for a custom chapter)..
Damn it all to hell! :( lol
I really like the look of the custom bolters. What are those add-ons for? I think it has something to do with lowering recoil?
Deathwatch, as has been stated, are the chamber militant of the Ordo Xenos, the branch of the Inquisition devoted to combatting aliens.

Deathwatch members are recruited from other Adeptus Astrates chapters in order to serve with the deathwatch for a limited term. They undergo special training and recieve special equipment to be more effective at the job. In return, they answer to the commands of an Inquisitor or group of Inquisitors, and are called upon to conduct assignments on behalf of the Inquisition.

In the field, deathwatch serve in small squads called kill teams. Normally, these are deployed alone, but sometimes they are assigned to support existing Imperial forces, hence, they can be included in all Imperial armies.

The attachments on their bolter are shot selectors and secondary magazines, I think, which allow them to use the special bolter ammo they're sometimes issued with.

The rules are chapter approved, and like all chapter approved, require opponent permission.
Chapter Approved is legal without the opponents permission and are usable in most tournaments. The FAQ's go under chapter approved for example.
Chapter Approved.
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