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For want of a better sobrequent I used 'The_' but in all correspondence I'm simply Blackadder. I've been in 40K for a few years but have yet to play a game. My interest is the modeling. I buy up wrecked superheavy tanks and refurbish them, mainly for resale. To date I have bought five Forgeworld and two Armorcast superheavys.

When finished I spray paint the models in two thin coats of grey auto primer and weather with water based india ink so the purchaser can decorate to their own taste.

I also scratch build superheavy tanks.

In the coming posts I shall be displaying my efforts and how I built them in a spordic step by step assembly. (I may let a model sit for weeks with out touching it while I figure how to proceed and then work too fast to even document the work.)

My current project is a scratchbuilt Warhound ala Forgeworld. The biggest problem is there are no scale drawings this model.

My son who is an avid gamer is scratch building a Thunderhawk and is doing a fantastic job for his first effort. We shall be displaying this also as it progresses.

The Blackadder

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Good 'morrow dear member!! And I bid thee a warm welcome to the humble halls of Now, keep up, this is a quick guide as I am a very busy dwarf. Anyway, I am King Ulrik Flamebeard, the local dwarf lord here. You can find me instructing those how to use those brushes to paint and how to create new things. Now, ready? Ok.

Please keep your hands away from the doors and windows of the cells, we have many ravenous members who are prone to biting and not letting go. There have been more than one member who have lost a limb out of baiting them with it.

Well, lets begin in the top here. At the top is the important forum of "Announcements", here you shall find all those notices pinned on this here board you should read them as they're important. The next one you should note is Support and Feedback. As a moderator we put value on member's opinions and comments. Should you have an suggestion or praise or problem with the forums, then you write it on a bit of paper and just post it into this red box.

This door here is for general conversation on the hobby, open to all topics related with Games Workshop. Next is a number of forums that dwell on the more hobby side, the want to be Golden Daemon winners mix with the average joe in the painting room. Next door, the sound of hammers, axes, cutting and sawing along with the cries of "eureka!" mixed with the lamenting cries of the workers can be heard from the conversion room. Looking briefly down the corridor there are other forums that you may find an opponent or 'decorate' your battlefield.

Skipping into the future the 40k corridor holds these strange creatures in thick armour as well as odd creatures that can devour you from the inside out. I also hear there are greenskins there. Bloody well get everywhere, those gits, don't they?

Ahh, this is more like it. Homely. The Fantasy Battles corridor. Holds lots of creatures, from the fumbling manlings, to the degenerates of the northern wastes, to the back stabbing elves to the foul greeenskins.

Have a tale of your exploits? Or heard a yarn to spread across the comfy of a warmed tavern. With cold ale and warmed wine, then this here story tavern is for you.

This next section is an odd combination. Mixed in with other things from outside of our world you have other tabletop games, along side those odd people who enjoy pretending their a pointy eared elf [if you see them, you have my permission to mock them and slap them one]. This is the recreational arena.

Our final stop on the list is the off topic corridor here. You shall spot jokes along here as well as some odd topics, I stay clear as it's all just above my head.

So, young un, that is your tour. If you have any questions then feel free to ring this bell here, you shall see those who can help (the first two groups), don't hesitate to grill them with questions you are unsure of.

Ohhh!! One last thing. Here *hands over large wad of paper* This is the most important documents on LO; The Rules. Ignore them at your peril. We have some rabid moderators chained away for those miscreants trying to cause trouble.

Have a nice time, and welcome to the family.

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