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I had
Vilitch the Cursling

Sorcerer lvl2
MoT, Puppet

Sorcerer lvl2
MoT, Staff of Sorcery (+1 dispel)

Exalted Hero Mok
Juggernaut, Chaos Runesword

5 Knights
MoK, Standard Bearer

12 Warriors
MoK, AHW, Full Command

12 Warriors
MoK, Shields & Halbards, Full Command

10 Warriors
MoS, Shields & Halbards, Full Command

5 Marauder Horsemen
MoS, Spears, Shields, Musician

I think that was it, not sure about the exact details of the MoS Warriors, but close enough.

Exalted Hero went with the Knights and all 3 Sorcerers went in the MoS Warriors.

He had 4 Vampires,
1 unit of grave guard,
2 or 3 units of gouls,
2 units of zombies
1 unit of wraiths.
Corps Cart
I think.

Plan: Shut down his magic and spam Pandemonium, forcing miscasts which I could mess with. Send the Cavelry out to kill stuff I didn't like (they were basically expendable, even the Hero)
I then sit back hiding in the MoS warriors with a unit of MoK Warriors to each side to mug whoever got near.

He only raised 1 unit of 5 zombs all game and miscast 3 times

I lost the Knights and one wound off the Hero. thats 6 wounds and I killed every one of his models.

I would swap Vilitch for MoT Sorc Lord with +1 to cast item: Skull of Katam, giving all 3 sorcerers the benefit Plus MoT +1!

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Wow. A full battle report would be interesting, if you could dredge up details from his list as well. I play both armies as my favorites.

Villitch is a beast against Vampires, as they usually only have a 50/50 chance of successfully throwing IoN on a single die. That, and they hate having Pandaemonium flying around everywhere. That spell is incredibly powerful, and far too easy to cast. It's almost cheese, but hey- I'll take any advantage I can get!

My last game against the vamps I had a Lvl4 Tzeentch Disc, and 2 Lvl2 Chariot Tzeentch/Nurgle, then all cavalry. He bounced my army and scored a solid victory. The problem with my opponent's list however was that he bunkered down inside a 30strong regiment of Dickenhof Guard that I couldn't get him out of.

What did you put the Knights up against, and how did the M.Horsemen do?

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Lost interest once i saw the special character.....
Vilitch hardly made a difference, I only took dice off him the first turn, after that he used his dice carefully. Vilitch is not a stand alone game winner at all by this experience and is very expensive. Like I said, I would swap him out for a Sorcerer Lord with Skull of Katam and actually do more damage AND save points. Giving all 3 Sorcs +2 to cast and still having +1 dispel and the Puppet thingy.

I gave him first turn. He moved everything forward.

Zombs..... Gguard+2Vamp..Cart .....Gouls+2Vamp....... Gouls........Zombs/Gouls?

MHorsemen...Knights........ MoKWarriors......MoSWarriors...MoKWarriors

The knights and Hero killed a unit of Zombs, overran into Graveguard and then the next turn were flanked by the Corps cart. With Static Res of 5 it took me a few turns to whittle them down. He kept resurecting his champ and my hero kept killing him. Got 5 rolls on the Table of Gods thing- +1S, 3 7s in a row then +1T

the horsemen were a nice distracting factor, marchblocked once and charged down a raised unit of 5 zombs, but were pretty superfluous. I think that they are worth it though as they were in position to rearcharge the Gguard at one point giving me +2 and him -3 res, but they didn't as they would them have been rear charged by the Gouls with 2 Vamps in (who later turned back around to go for the warriors).

I Flickering Fired the 3 Wraiths off the board in before they could charge, a bigger unit would have been really troublesome, not sure how I could of stopped them killing my sorcerers in CC.

the Game ended with my Hero and the MHorsemen standing on the left half of the board and my Sorcs and MoS warriors watching a combined charge by both my MoKWarriors to the front and side of his gouls with 2 vamps in. Wiped them out in 1 turn after crumbles.

To be honest, it was a pretty boring game so I think I will play not knowing what he is taking next time. Good to do once, but close games are better. This guy is actually pretty good at WHFB, he had an off game and I had a list that was very tailored.

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I hate people who tailor lists, it makes the game so boring. Make an all-comers list and use that against everything.

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Sorry to burst your bubble that VC list looks terrible and you used a special character not really an exciting factor

The VC has no diverters, no bats no dogs no nothing, Stupid, stupid, stupid.
If he miscast 3 times then he was not casting on a single dice to raise.
I bet he learned some valuable lessons on just the two points above.

Then there is not a single hammer in the list, no vargulf, black or blood knights. Which would have also given him mobility something the list used sadly lacked.

I commend you for showing no mercy and tabling him but bragging on an international forum about it <meh>
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