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First off, I am having some friends over tommorow to play a 6 player game, and this is the idea I thought up to entertain such a mash-up. The teams are divided as such, I know its not terribly fluffy having orcs and eldar on the same team, but this way was fairest considering the skill / ability of every army involved.

Imperial Guard (Theme: Humies) - Team 1 - 4000pts.
Orks n' Eldar (Theme: Xenos) - Team 2 - 4000pts.
CSM and Necron (Theme: Evil) - Team 3 - 4000pts.

Mission: The Xylas Purging

The ruined planet Xylas has recently become home to a powerful empryean beacon, visible to any with the psyker taint from
across the Imperium. The Planet was until recently only inhabited by a small Inquistor-sanctioned force of Imperial Guardsmen, but the lure of the beacon has aroused the interest of the local Eldar, who are intent in discovering the source of the power. Orks, too, have been spotted in the local system advancing on the newly formed waystation of the humans, intent on destroying them and all their new toys, including the source of the warp energy which served only to irritate the greenskins.

To make matters worse, approximately 3 weeks ago, a small tomb world became visible on local space scans, moving from a dead subsector confirmed to host a regiment of the deadly Necrons, and the planet was moving towards the source of this new energy. Lead by unknown reasons, the Necron cause is unknown, but if this new beacon is what is luring them, its power must be potent indeed.

Lastly, due to the sheer scope of the warpsources power, visitations planetside by increasing numbers of the Chaos Space Marines have become more and more apperant, as they are obviously drawn by the beacon intent on claiming it for their own.

Previously sparce in comparison, discovery of the warp beacon has immediately raised the guard stationed to the planet three-fold. Orders from the Ordo Malleus insist that if the beacon cannot be recovered, it cannot fall into the hands of the enemy.

Mission: Take and Hold (Artefact: Warpsource Stone)
Artefact is placed in the center of the map, and belongs to the team that gets a model in base contact with it. the warpsource stone must remain in base contact with that model, and does not count as a target for any reason. If the unit dies, the model becomes free and remains in play where it is. If the unit flees for whatever reason, the artefact is dropped behind and remains free where it is. The model that possesses the stone and any unit that he is with gain the night-fighting rules and range is determined as normal. Ordinance that chooses to fire on the unit doubles whatever scatter result is reached.

Deployment: Each team sets up by deploying any 1 troop choice, in addition to 1 choice of any other nature. Everything else enters play through reserves. Infiltration is not an option. Deep Striking is an option, but due to the chaotic nature of the warpsource stone, any deepstrike deployment marker that ends up within 12" of the stone is automatically moved 3d6" directly away from it. If this moves the mark into terrain/units that prevent the deepstrike, the units are lost in the chaos and are counted as casualties for Victory Points purposes. Note that this ability is active even after a unit claims the stone. Also note that deepstrikes may not be designated within 12" (before the roll for scatter) of the stone, as its an objective point.

Thats all she wrote! Any suggestions would be great, and Ill be sure to post the battle report after the game :)

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That sound like alot of fun hope yo ucan post a battle report soon what army are you and the CSM and Necron team might be a little hard to beat, but good luck
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