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As the title says,

I've come up with an idea for a Tyranid centered fiction, as you might imagine it's a challenge to write from the point of view of an alien race who work by instinct and a omnipresent over mind.
The idea is to write from a perspective given by a tyranid lictor and a hive tyrant, and switching between them and whatever other race is present on the scene to give it a bit more depth.

Basically I figured that both of those tyranid beings have ,relatively speaking, a mind of their own and thus sense,feel and experience stuff that can be described in a readable and humanesque way.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to write a full blown story about them or only several short stories, but I intend to use this as practice and a fun experiment to get back in the writing vibe after months of not doing anything of the sort.

I've written a short piece to give a rough idea of what I mean, it's quite simple and straightforward and quite likely a grammatical nightmare so I apologise beforehand, but I hope you're willing to read through it and give me something constructive to work with, it would be greatly appreciated.

A surge of adrenaline rushed through him as he sensed the fear of his pray, he could almost taste it as it the hormones drifted past his tendrils and involuntarily he tensed his muscles.
He had been stalking the patrol for days as the guardsmen moved around their compound, tracking their movements and gathering important tactical intel by instinct.

Once a patrol had almost caught him, one of the squad separated itself from the group to empty his bladder and by poor luck choose the brush he had been hiding in as a good spot.
Fatigue and the ambient darkness hindered the human´s awareness though and in the end the trooper trotted back to his squad, unaware how close he had been to an excruciating death.

The pheromone trail he had been trailing all this time had lured the vanguard of his brood to this place and he could sense they were only minutes away now, he could even hear the faint scuttling of dozens of claws as the sound was carried by the wind.
The humans in the camp grew restless as well, knowing that there was something wrong but having lost touch with their instincts to fully understand the implication.
Suddenly he felt a presence enter his mind,
It was time

Despite the urge to leap in the closest group of humans he saw, to finally sate his hunger, he slowly stalked deeper in the camp. Waiting for patrols to pass him as he waited patiently in the cover of trucks, Chimeras or Leman Russ tanks.
Slowly he closed on his target, a large ferrocrete bunker in the middle of the camp, surrounded by trenches and heavy weapon emplacements, a large array of antennas protruding from the roof.
Here, he knew, would be the leader of his prey and killing him would throw the remaining forces in disarray for a moment as a new command had to be formed, it never took them long to do so but it would be enough for the brood to close in unnoticed until it was too late.

Suddenly a las bolt whipped past him, impacting on the wall against which he was hiding, a loud wailing noise filled the camp an alarm was activated.
Unable to suppress a roar in anger, he turned on his assailants and immediately recognized the scent of the one who had been so close to his death once before, no such luck for him this time and he launched himself in the air with his powerful legs.

“Shoot on sight! Bring it down!” his sergeant bellowed behind him, there was no need to tell him that though as Private Lurik was already spraying on full auto. He only caught a brief glimpse of the monster, but he was fairly sure it was a Lictor and he knew that once it had closed on him it wouldn't matter how much energy was in his powerpack because he would be death.
He lost sight of the beast as it had leapt away, no doubt the volume of fire even too much for such a horror and he felt much more confident at once, there was strength to be found in numbers, and the lictor was all alone and he had an entire platoon with him.

His relief was short lived as a horrible scream shortly filled his ears, followed by a sickening gurgle as his sergeant drowned in his own blood, his lungs being torn to shreds by the talons of the lictor.
Terrified, Lurik ran for the nearest gun emplacement, vaulting over the sandbags and carefully peered over the edge while he replaced his depleted powerpack.
The tyranid was tearing his squad apart, roaring in what seemed like barely contained ecstasy at it cut a bloody path through those unfortunate to be too close to it's talons.
All blood drained from Lurik's face as he realised the destination of the lictor staring right at it's tendrils,still dripping with blood, as it charged headlong to his position.

Only one human remained to threaten him, he could sense the panic taking hold of the trooper as he scrambled to the nearby autocannon, recognising the threat it would be to him the lictor instantly closed the gap with a powerful leap.
As the guardsman slowly looked up, their eyes locked, savouring the moment as the full bouquet of fear teased his senses the lictor finally shot his feeder tendrils through Lurik's face, the last moment of sheer horror forever etched on his face.

So close to the command post, the guardsmen unleashed the full extend of their fire power on him to keep him away from his intended target, a slug clipped his right leg and despite his hardened carapace the pain throbbed through his entire body and he was forced to jump behind a nearby chimera as more slugs were launched from autocannons and peppered him and the area around him with a wall of lead.
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