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Idea spur

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right! here's my issue I have an entirely converted DA (yes every single little miniature, I like to go all out) army ready for painting and tons of WIP photos etc (doing a "pain-a-thon" later where I will post pics...loads ^^) There's just one thing remaining... The commander the only thing I've decided Is *drumroll* Terminator armor! and then my brain froze over, does anyone at all have any concepts/ideas some artwork anything that can help me out here?
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You could do some real small conversions on it that will make the model as a whole look better.

Using the terminator captain as a base (he already has robes anyway), convert his sword so the wings are replaced with a little angel holding a sword (like on the ravenwing landspeeder).

maybe paint a tattoo of the chapter symbol on one side of his face.

Maybe green stuff so the robes go all the way round his body as they are only on his front.

If you use a storm shield mould the deathwing symbol on top of it (it looks much better than painting it on).

You could mould some little wing on his shin coming off a deathwing sword (you will probably have to file off the eagle thats on there).

Hope this helps.
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It does... well this gives me alot of ideas for symbol placement and other small detail, any ideas on the pose he should have? I've been considering either a "striding" pose, on at wich he has just swung his sword/thunder hammer and one with the sword In a sort of Held up ready to deliver the final blow.
As a side-issue, I'd consider your wargear choices BEFORE your modelling options. Decide exactly what you want on him, and then make him look like it. No point making a cool model when you realise he sucks on the table-top.

Usual recommendations apply e.g. don't give an independant character a powerfist/thunderhammer etc.

I'd recommend you model the Sword of Secrets on him, it looks great and it's a nasty piece of Wargear. I'd argue it's too powerful for DA players NOT to take.

The CO always looks good with the defiant "sword high" pose, though it depends on your personal preference. You could the classic thing and scrounge some bitz, and give him a "head collection" a la the Orks. I think in my experience it looks good when you do this with something other than SM/CSM e.g. one of my commanders has a pair of Eldar heads on standard and I've always received favourable comments.

I'd recommend you have a scout through the SM area of the gallery. You might see a conversion idea and just think "well that looks cool...."
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You could als sculpt him a hood of Greenstuff. It can look really nice on a Terminator I assure you, and for DA it even goes with the overall apperance.
I had a quick dig in the gallery for a couple of modelling ideas for you to possibly swipe.

Wings (may look odd on a termy)
Double Edged Sword
Something to cop, though not wings per se, would be celistines cloak. Though not wings it woudl definetly make for an impressive model, and have some nice cherubs.

For the terminator capt. have you thought about a head swap? it's a bit time consuming, and is best done with a dremel. But I have done it twice, once for an imperial captain, and once as part of a Nurgle champion. It's a good way to give a unique look to your captain. And between all the new plastic heads, and a couple of the metal Choas termie heads you've got a lot of choices.

Also, depending on what your preferences, the claws from the Chaos Raptor champion. See my nurgle fellow*

Some of the icons, books and other misc items from the Inquisitor models can make great additions to some 40k scale models.

* I'll add a photo of my conversion based on the Termie Capt, once I get home.
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