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I'm back >.>
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Wasnt sure where this belongs so put it here.

Ok guys I have the scheme see links for it
CoolMiniOrNot - grey knight by Robacek
CoolMiniOrNot - grey knight justicar by Robacek

Now I need a theme for the bases, fluff, the Knights heraldry etc
I have a few basic ideas like I wanna do some basic sculpting to eventually top it off with a inquisitor in this pose.

There will be some accompanying guard to this force and eventually a Black Templar Crusade force will join the Grey Knights to help.

So give those ideas to me now that I know you have!

Dear All Concerned...
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Dear All Concerned,

A few things you could do:

1. Whatever the main branch of the GK is make your army a branch off of that. My up and coming IG AC is a branch off of the Eighth Cadian made specifically to search/scout a planet and its surrounding moons to see if they were of any use to the emperor.
2. Bases: Urban: Wrecked buildings, crashed landspeeders, piles of dead bodies, etc.
3. Bases: Heretics groveling at the GK's feetfor repemtion. This could be done with flaggelents from the Bretonnian range.

Hope this helped!


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I don't know about groveling heretics, that’s more in the Witch Hunters line of work... How about the remains of vanquished Daemons? I imagine Warhammer beastmen would provide all the raw materials you would need without cutting up loads metal daemon models.

Edit: Or even better, use Chaos spawn, I bet there are enough gribbly bits in there to base a small army in daemonic remains...
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