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IDIC Vypers

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Hi All

Just finished my Vypers

Please take a look if your interested

YouTube - IDIC Eldar painting project 2 Vypers

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Those are some nice looking models, I like what you've done with the vypers. The lighter 'stripes' make it stand out better.
But the crew seems to be lacking contrast, since the only colour I can make out in the video is white. Maybe you could add a light wash or darker colour around the edges to make them stand out more. Other than that, nice work.
Thanks for the comments, been looking at the vid a bit closer and maybe the flash has washed out the white a bit because I have shodowed all the recesses with Astro Grey, but it does not show up that well
Hey, purple Eldar just like mine! I like them. I combined mine with ice blue and golden weapons. And I know the problem with the flash. If you don´t have the right light when you take the photo, it kills your highlights and/or shades:(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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