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I want to add a advisor to my IG army. It states he must be added to a "Command HQ" first - But there is no heading for command HQ in the codex or the FAQ. Now, obviously it means the command squad, however in a command squad entry it is the command platoon (Heroic Sn Officer, Senior Officer or Junior with attendant staff), and any attaches Fire support/Special/Sentinals etc.

Question 1) Can I fufill my obligation to attach my advisor to the Command *HQ* by adding him to a special weapons squad (obviously paying the doctrines as required), in order to then shove another on my Troop choice platoon HQ etc etc?

Question 2) Can I add him to a sentinal / Unit of sentinals. if not why not? (I'm not saying it makes sense, or that i'd do it, but it does occur whilst typing this and a different conv on this board brushed over it.)

Question 3) At what point do i roll for psychic powers and attach them to units? Do I get psyker A with a boltgun and roll his power, then psyker B with a F/Weapon, roll his power and choose where he goes? (not that any of them are any good, but the question lingers)

Question 4) say i had the above psykers, do i roll 2x dice and choose which psyker is equipped with x equipment?

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All of these questions came up at my last game and I can tell you how we handled it after the rules lawyer of the group pored over the Codex for a bit.

1) The advisor goes right on the HSO/SO/JO's hip. We never found anything explicit on that, but our group leans toward RAI if it is unclear.

2) Moot because of 1)

3 & 4) I rolled 3 individual dice and then stuck which model went with which power by the dice. Once again, there wasn't any clarity on whether the power roll or the armory upgrades were applied first, so it was my choice. And of course I picked roll and then equip. So Scourging went to my bolt pistol dudes and Machine Curse went to my FW psyker.

Everyone including me and my opponent thought it was pretty fair.

It only makes sense that the SO would ask his psykers how they were feeling warp wise and then dish out weapons depending on their answers.
At least that is how I fluffed it.;Y
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