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I'm Back

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Hi everyone,

I know a lot of you don't know me, and I see a LOT of new faces around. I just got back from "Over There," sorry I didnt let anyone know I was leaving, it was kind of short notice. I'm back in the US now, and should be online more, but I still have a little bit of adjusting back to normal life to do.

Hope to be seeing you all around,
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EY! Good to have you back. Hope youve still got all your limbs.
hey Xaero old buddy! Hows things?
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welcome back Xaero :)
welcome back Xaero from the war. Hope you do get back to normal life also. Must be hard to shift back after coming from such a thing. On a side not...Holy Crap, Sister Mel talks after about 2 years O_O
Holy crap! Xaero!

I wonder if (like every other time someone old comes back) this will start a flood of people returning!
Hehe, things are a little weird, like having a bathroom in your own house, showering in a non-public shower, eating steak that isnt boiled..... Just seeing my wife and son was weird, good, but weird. And Hi Mel, Phobos, Nemy, Blackhat, and EMDA! :w00t:
Hey Xaero,
good to have you back man, great to have more of the old guard around. You will notice some changes around these here parts I am sure, not least the rep system.......

I never thought Mel was gone, just watching from the shadows ;)
Welcome back pal :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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