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i'm confused about infiltraters now...

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If i deploy 18" away from the enemy and then i move 6 that makes me 12" away from them. Am i still able to use my pistols?
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Ok, I don't have the book on me, but I think it says that you have to deploy more than 18" away from the enemy at the beginning of the game. Technically if you deploy more than 18" away, even a fraction of an inch, then you wouldn't be able to shoot on the first turn.

Hope that helps. :)
Yeah, it's over 18". So no, you can't use your pistols.
However if you can stay out of LOS you can get your infiltrators within 12" of them so your move would take you close enough to fire your pistols. Thats only if you can stay out of LOS though.
Sabe means that if you keep out of sight for enemy units while deploying your scouts, you can deploy as close as 12" away from them, making you, when running in LOS within 12" to use the pistols. However, deploying so close is almost only limited to tables with loads of cover.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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