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hi. to day i played what i think is my final game. I dont have many ppl too play whit just en old frend and my brother. The thing is we have all the armys and all gaming scenery at me frends place , we got no ather place too bee and im getting so frustrated too play whitt him cos he never plays for fun only for winning , every time i play him i lose ( or atlest 90 % of the time ) like to day i played him He used hes Empire and in a 3000 p game he used .
4 wizards and 2 priests 2 units of 30 swordsmen and 30 greatswords . 2 cannons 1 wollygun 1 steamtank and 20 handgunners and 10 crossbomen's .
And i whas dead befor i got into close combut.
What shall i doo ? i love the game its fun but i realy dont like to play him .Have no ather to play whit and no ather place too bee. Shall i pack my stuff and never play agen or?
And you can just imagen how he playes whit hes Undead. i have deamons , worriors and dwarfs.


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The first thing you should do is ease up on the textspeak. I know they use capital letters in Sweden, too.

You either pull out a brutal daemon army (easy to do - bloodthirsters, magical apocalypses etc etc.), or sit down and maybe come to an agreement about using more reasonable armies.
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