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Heyas all,

I've recently started out with fantasy, I've been playing 40k for years been playing guard so I'm used to my defeats.... but I have to say enough is enough.

I need help creating a warriors of chaos army that'll be nails on the battlefield and easy enough for me to collect.

I'll list the bits I already have either assembled or converted up please point out what I should add what I should drop and where I should go from here to have an army if not to be proud of at least one that wins.

2 units of 5 marauder horse

10 warhounds

4 units of 5 chaos knights

25 chaos warriors (15 with 2 HW)

30 marauders (20 with flails)

2 mounted heros/sorcerers on barded steeds

2 spawn

1 charriot/warshrine

Valkia (I've converted my own. :) )


2 sorcerers on discs

That's all I've got... or atl east that's all I can remember off the top of my head, now all I need is your help to see where I should go from here...

Feel free to go beardy, or heavy cheese I'm happy either way so long as I can put up a good show with the list.

Oh almost forgot I'm looking for a 1.5k a 2k and a 3k list. :)

chears all for your time I hope you'll help.
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