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I am trying to think up a good name for my Imperial Guard Army. I am thinking about having there colors white(armor), blue(cloth), black(armor highlites), and also a dark blue(cloth). I have some slogans that I would like to use and they are in japanese, which i would paint on the front or sides of the tanks and chimeras I will be using.

Here are the mottos that I may use:
勝利は栄光を伴います-withvictory comes glory
根性なしの栄光-noguts no glory

I also have some more but I like these the most.

I am thinking of an army mostly made up of tanks and chimeras with some basilisks and some fast attack units.

If you have any ideas that would be great also if you have another color scheme that would work better with the slogans I would love to here your feed back.

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