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I got suggested a list similar to this, but i wanted to run it past you lot first for suggestions;


Primaris Pysker


Ratling Squad - 100pts - 7 extra ratlings
Guardsman Marbo


Platoon Command - 110pts - Vox-caster, heavy bolter, Chimera, extra armour
2 x Infantry Platoon - 260pts - Vox-caster, heavy bolters, Chimera, extra armour

3 x Heavy Weapons Team - 225pts - heavy bolters

Heavy Weapons Team - 105pts - missile launchers

2 x Veteran Squad - 200pts - 6 x meltaguns

Fast Attack

2 x Vendettas - 230pts

Heavy Support
3 x Demolishers - 495pts

Total points 1950

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Good, but If you're going for Inffantry Death you might get more use out of a CCS. For the same points as a Primaris you're getting a CCS with a Lascannon.

Ratlings. Just don't take them. There are better things to do with 100pts than to buy 10 Space Hobbits.

Change the Heavy Bolters to Autocannons. On Everything. You're only loosing 1 ahot per gun but you're getting 2 extra points of Strength so you can cause grief to Transports and lighter vehicles. Change the M-Launcher HWS to an Autocannon one too.

Drop the Extra Armour on the Chimeras. It's too expensive for what it does. Plus it seems you want to use them as Pillboxes so theres no point in it if you're staying still anyway.

Vets. Good.

Vendettas and Melta Vets don't work. Vendettas will have to move forward to deploy the Vets meaning they can only fire 1 gun which is a waste. If you hang back to fire the Vendetta you're wasting the Vets. Give the Vets the Chimeras in the Platoon and put something else in the Vendettas, If anything.


Nasty. Maybe over kill though. Howabout changing the 3rd Demolisher to 2 Griffons for Hoard killing or 2 Hydras for transport killing?

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i would ditch the snipers and tool up your PCS and CCS with plasma and melta weapons plus swap heavy bolters and missle launchers for autocannons. because you already have enough AV14 busting. you now need alot of shots for light anti-tank busting.
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