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Hey guys this is my first post on the forums but, i have been reading the forums for quite some time now.

I am an old school Fantasy player, I have ran Bret and Mortal Chaos armys for like 7 years now. About a year or so ago i built up a very strong dwarf force. Which I retired last month undefeated with over 40 wins under its belt. I have sold my dwarfs and now I have my interests honed in on Tomb Kings. I have been reading the forums about them and I have read there Army book through and through. I have accuired some models already and have assembled them. I am looking for advice as to what i should look into getting next and why they would be useful.

I have in my possesion already:
3 units of 10 archers
1 unit of 3 chariots
1 Bone Giant (probably wont use him, not very impressed with his stats but i got the model for under 10 bucks and i wanted to paint him =D)
1 unit of 3 ushabti
Khalida the poison chick
like 4 Priests, one is mounted
1 King

Now assides from more core skelies to build my hw/shield block, what should i look into getting next. I was thinking a SSC or 2 since my gang of players like bigger games

My opponant armies consist of LM/Emp/O&G/Ogre Kingdom/Beasts of Chaos(Mino Strong) and Dark Elves

Any advice would be helpful. I am trying to stray away from my shootie Dwarf mentality as of late but i like the blackened sky full of arrows tactic =D

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Tomb scorpions are great but they can be a little hit and miss.

But yes i agree with getting more chariots - its all about how you use the chariots!:D

Also, ushabti work great in squads of 6, so maybe getting some more of those might be of use.

Also, i would strongly recommend taking a squad of 10 carrion if you can. They are similar to fell bats only tougher. 10 flying guys with two wounds and toughness 4 = annoying!

A screaming skulls catapult is also an excellent choice too, especially when used in conjunction with the incantations. Also anything that causes your opponent to take panic tests is worth a look in my book.

Hope this helps

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