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Infantry platoon help

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I just picked up an imp guard codex earlier today and the troop choice sounds way out of this world. The infantry platoon with the junior officer squad says you can take 2-5 more squads of guardsmen then it has that ".........." then the 60 pts+weapons+upgrades. Can someone just clarify what the infantry platoon consists of and the point amount because I am completely confused :| .
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The Answer, in letters.

One Infantry Platoon does the following, and consists as such:

-REQUIRES one unit (as the book uses it) that acts as command squad (Junior officer, and 4 guardsmen. This unit is selected EXACTLY as the HQ selection, Command Squad, but with the following restrictions: You can only choose a JO (which can still recieve the Honorifica Imperialis if your a greedy sod) and you dont have access to the support squads that make our HQ's the best.

-REQUIRES at least 2 units (up to a total of 5) of infantry. Rank and file. Yes, this means a normal infantry platoon has 3 units, consisting of the CS, and two infantry blocks. They move independently, shoot independently, and are treated as separate units except for one detail: Force Organization Real Estate! We get three blocks of humans to fight what a super-human armored warrior or extraterrestrial can throw at us with just one!

The basic way of wrapping your head around it is thinking of the following: T3. Yes, toughness three. That is why we get so many more humies! BS3. This is why we get so many more humies! I realized recently the only fantasy army that matches the IG are the skaven, and if they existed in 40K, the IG would be the slaves.
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Here is a very good article by Lost Nemesis on exaclty your question.
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