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Infiltrating near infiltraters

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Hello all, this question came up when I was playing my friends Alpha legion. I had a small unit of scouts to infriltrate before he did (won the roll^^) Due to my placment, a question arose. Do other infiltrators count when deploying infiltraters? Such as how close they can deploy to them? Also, would they count for line of sight for the already placed unit?

If so, a small infiltrating squad can really screw up other players. So just wondering?

Thanks for your help.

P.S. Side question: When seeing if you have line of sight to a enemy unit to deploy within 12 inches, do other units count? If im deploying next to a unit who cant see me, but another unit from across the table can (Like a vehicle) Do I have to deploy 18 away?
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Yes, an opponent's infiltrators count when measuring where your own infiltrators may be deployed.

As to your side question, the answer is also yes. Out of sight means completely out of sight from all currently deployed opposing units.
As Ostol says, the answer is yes, (bit of a pointless posts but in case you were in any doubt)
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